a $1,736,830,485 tax hike needs a veto

debtOn Thursday June 19th, conservatives tried our best to kill a $1,736,830,485 tax hike. I took the floor at 10:15am to try to persuade my colleagues that South Carolina simply can’t afford a new tax increase. After 5 motions for cloture, the 6th motion received the 23 votes necessary to end a filibuster at 3:26 pm. The government grab-it rabbit is after you!

S. 940 is a bill that enables tax increase referendums for school construction in 14 counties in South Carolina. If passed, Anderson taxpayers will fork up $206 million.

Why not let the people decide? The voters of Senate district 3 voted in 2004, 2008, & 2012 on the promise of no tax increases. Well, I’ve made a commitment to the constituents I represent that I’d not only vote against any tax increase, I would do everything possible to prevent one. Another reason is that these referendum campaigns will be funded by special interests that will profit from the construction. It simply puts the taxpayer campaigning against its own government from taking more of their money.

It’s just a penny? Pennies ad up! This penny is $1,736,830,485. This money taken out of the pockets of consumers will prevent growth in our economy. It is a further intrusion on the freedom of the taxpayer to spend his/her own money as they sit fit. Additionally, sales tax hikes injure seniors and low income South Carolinians most.

If only we could’ve held on for 2 more hours, the taxpayer’s wallet could have been protected. Eventually, there may be a $1,736,830,485 shock to your wallet.

A comment by a district representative during their victory lap was: “Sadly, sometimes one lone dissenter can cause trouble for the masses”. Maybe it was a poor choice of words, but this rhetoric sound kind of elitist don’t you think?

Hopefully, the Governor Haley will veto this well intentioned, yet bad piece of legislation. Click here to contact the Governor’s Office.

in state diagnostic services proviso eliminated by SC House

drug-testThe Senate version of the budget this year contain the following proviso:

33.32. (DHHS: In-state Medicaid Providers Lab Services)  Whenever possible, contracts with managed care plans participating in the Healthy Connections Choices program shall apply an in-state provider preference when contracting for laboratory services if the in-state provider is able to provide the requested service at the same or less cost as an out-of-state provider.

What this means is all of the Medicaid hmo’s are required to consider contracting with in-state when possible. Currently the two largest medicaid hmo’s send all of their lab work to a company in North Carolina. This proviso simple calls for a chance for South Carolina labs to participate. Unfortunately, the SC House budget amendment struck this proviso.

Anderson County unofficial poll results here!

timthumb.phpWhen a poll closes, the poll manager posts the results on the door of the polling place before taking the ballots to the Anderson County Civic Center for the official count. We’ve got several volunteers going to the large boxes in Anderson County checking these numbers on the polling door and sending them into me. We’ll be covering the Anderson County Probate Court, 3 County Council, and the contested State House Republican Primaries.

On Tuesday, 06/10, I’ll be posting these results as I get them. Log on! kevinbryant.com

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gop primary election results (unofficial)

school-poll-resultsWhen a poll closes, the poll manager posts the results on the door of the polling place before taking the ballots to the Anderson County Civic Center for the official count. These results are usually posted around 30 minutes after the poll closes.

If you’re interested in watching the numbers, please follow the link below. Please remember to hit the “refresh” button on your browser, as this spreadsheet will be updated continually.


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s. 1283 outlaws powdered alcohol before it’s on the market

S. 1283 is a bill that outlaws the purchase, selling, or possession of powdered alcohol. There is a product pending Federal approval called “Palcohol” that is featured in this video.

We’ve been told by the champions of nanny government if and when Palcohol is approved, it will find itself on the shelves all over South Carolina with no regulation. We’re told that children will be snorting, eating and drinking this stuff. I appreciate the public safety intentions of this legislation, however, I see this bill as a solution in search of a problem. I also don’t have the knee-jerk reaction that government needs to regulate and tax everything that moves. If it were the role of government to outlaw stupidity, then we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Here are some claims by the developer of Palcohol’s website:

9. Where will it be sold? Think of Palcohol as liquor….just in powder form. It will be sold anywhere where liquor can be sold and a buyer must be of legal drinking age to buy it. It will be available both in the United States and abroad and it can also be bought online.

10. Can Palcohol be added to food? Beer, wine and spirits are often added to dishes to enhance the flavor. When you add Palcohol to food, you’re not really adding flavor to the dish, just alcohol.

As Palcohol is a new product, we have yet to understand its potential of being added to food. As always, please use it responsibly. Because it adds alcohol to the dish, do not serve the dish to minors.

11. Can I snort it? We have seen comments about goofballs wanting to snort it. Don’t do it! You wouldn’t want to anyway. It would take you approximately 60  minutes of painful snorting to get the equivalent of one shot of vodka up your nose. Why would you do that when drinking a shot of liquid vodka takes about two seconds?

12. When will it be available? We expect it to be for sale this fall. No samples will be released ahead of time.

14. What is the calorie content? Well, it depends on what liquid you add to it. The powder by itself is about 80 calories per bag.

Memorial Day

memorial.dayIt is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who gave us the freedom to demonstrate

It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag.

And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag. Father Dennis Edward O’Brien, USMC

opeb constitutional amendment hearing 2014.05.22

holeThe South Carolina Senate Finance Special Subcommittee to Review the Investment will have a public hearing on s.1251 on Thursday 2014.05.22 immediately upon adjournment.

s. 1251 is a constitutional Amendment to allow the diversification of an unfunded liability approaching $10 billion. opeb stands for other post employment benefits. This is healthcare expenses that South Carolina is contractually bound to provide for retired state employees. It is on a down hill course as the unfunded debt will grow even further unless we repair this fund.

Last year, the opeb gained a mere 1.9%. Compare to the SCRIS’s (South Carolina Retirement Investment Commission) investments gained 10%. OPEB is constitutionally bound to only be invested in bonds. When these healthcare costs for state retirees climb, and opeb is empty, guess who pays then? Every South Carolina Taxpayer.

This is a critical issue, and hopefully, we can pass it this year.

S 1251 Joint Resolution, By Bryant, Campsen, Lourie, Cleary, Leatherman, Bennett, Alexander, Cromer, Campbell, Grooms, Hembree, Young, Turner, S. Martin and Fair

Club for Growth Endorsements

club_for_growth_398Dear Friends,

Over the past decade, the SC Club for Growth PAC has worked hard to find, elect and hold accountable fiscally conservative lawmakers. Thanks to your support, we have played a crucial role helping elect solid conservatives, which has made us a “farm team” of sorts for the national Club for Growth. We are proud that several of our early-backed candidates are now representing us in both the United States House and Senate.

Our candidates have also made a big difference in Columbia including this year when they led the effort to pass a decades-long push to restructure state government.

We are making progress, but there is a long way to go – especially on the issues of expanded school choice and real ethics reform, both of which have stalled in the legislature. We need more fiscal conservatives in Columbia.

Every election cycle we ask for your support of candidates that we believe will make South Carolina a better place to work and live. For the 2014 Primary we are only asking you to contribute to one candidate; we feel that the Superintendent of Education race is that important.

Meka Childs

Meka has experience in South Carolina’s public schools as a student, teacher and policy maker. She is one of the many success stories, but has also seen first hand the shortcomings of our state’s public schools.

After graduating from Airport High School in West Columbia, Meka attended Duke University for undergraduate and graduate school. Upon completion of her Masters degree, she taught in the Richland County public school system and then went to work for Governor Sanford as an education policy advisor. Meka then went to serve on the SC Education Oversight Committee and work for Superintendent Mick Zais. She clearly has a passion for education reform.

Meka believes that just money – without enhanced competition and better policies – won’t help our schools. She believes that there should be increased accountability in classrooms and at the Department of Education. She supports parents choosing the best education for their child regardless of their economic situation or zip code.

One of her main opponents in the Republican primary is a former Democrat legislator currently working as a lobbyist for the school administrators. They work against most of the reforms we believe in. In case you think there is a typo above, I will repeat it.

A leading contender for the Republican nomination for Superintendent of Education is a lobbyist for the status quo and former Democrat lawmaker.

Another is a personal injury attorney who hasn’t taught in nearly three decades. Others are largely single-issue candidates. Current Superintendent Mick Zais has made some strides during his term but much more work needs to be done to improve our schools. We believe Meka Childs is the only one who can make this happen.

Conservatives from around the state are rallying around Meka’s campaign. Amongst others, Senator Kevin Bryant and Representative Eric Bedingfield (consistent Tax Payer Heroes on the SC Club for Growth Foundation’s Scorecard) have endorsed Meka as has noted upstate conservative activist Bob Castellani.

Meka is incredibly bright and hard working, and South Carolina needs her leading the education system. We ask that you please join us in generously supporting Meka Childs for Superintendent of Education.

SC Club for Growth Political Action Committee

The SC Club for Growth PAC targets races where status quo politicians are challenged by true fiscal conservatives. Below are candidates that we believe are in winnable races but will need some extra help in crossing the finish line. Contributions to the PAC will be used in these and other targeted races to defeat incumbents that campaign on fiscal responsibility and accountable government but forget these promises when they go to Columbia.

Jonathon Hill – House District 8:

Jonathon is running against Representative Don Bowen. While we endorsed Bowen eight years ago, he has continually voted for more spending and frivolous pork projects. These spending habits have garnered him a 50 on the SC Club for Growth Foundation’s 2013 Scorecard. Jonathon will bring his small business experience to the statehouse and watch after your tax dollars like they were his own.

Ed Harris – House District 3:

We endorsed Ed last cycle. However, after he defeated incumbent RINO Rep. Skelton in the primary, Ed’s victory was ruled invalid because of the same technicality that kicked hundreds of other candidates off the ballot. The good news is that Ed will take what he has learned about running a business and apply those same principles while in Columbia.

Gaye Holt – House District 34:

We endorsed Gaye in 2012 in her run as a petition candidate. She won more than 35 percent of the vote – an incredibly high number for a petition candidate. Her opponent, Rep. Mike Forrester, has voted against common sense reforms and for higher budgets for too long and has a 58 average on the Club’s Foundation scorecard for the last four years.

We are always very careful to only ask for your investment in races where our direct and PAC funds can make the difference. Meka’s race is very tight and can go either way depending on our help.

All investments in our PAC and races – no matter the size – help both the candidates and the entire reform movement.

Thank you in advance for any amount you can contribute.


Dave Ellison

Electrolux expanding in Anderson!

May 14, 2014, For immediate release, Contact: Doug Mayer, 803-360-3285

Electrolux Investing Additional $30 Million In Anderson County Refrigerator Facility

Expansion To Add Advanced Manufacturing, Enhance Capacity

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Electrolux is investing $30 million over the next two years in its Anderson, S.C. manufacturing facility, which provides top-freezer refrigerators as well as under-the-counter models. The investment will add advanced manufacturing capability and enhance capacity.

This new investment is in addition to the more than $30 million the company has invested in the Anderson facility since 2011, which included the Refrigeration Research and Development Center as well as other improvements.

The Electrolux plant in Anderson is 810,000 square feet and is situated on 225 acres. It employs 1,900 full-time and contract employees and produces one out of every two top-freezer refrigerators shipped in North America.

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances, which it manufactures under brand names including Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi, Frigdaire and Electrolux Grand Cuisine. The Electrolux Group sells more than 50 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year.


“Our primary focus at Electrolux is on the development of new innovation, based on consumer insight that delivers high-quality products our consumers depend on. We make award-winning products at this plant and our investment will drive future growth while also positively impacting our local base of employees and the communities we call home here in South Carolina.” -Jack Truong, president & CEO of Electrolux Major Appliances North America

“Electrolux is a great employer and corporate citizen in South Carolina. We congratulate them on their additional $30 million investment in Anderson – a sure sign of their continuing commitment to our state.” -Gov. Nikki Haley

“It is always exciting to see one of our state’s long-standing companies continue to grow here. Electrolux’s presence in South Carolina – which spans a quarter of a century – adds to the list of globally respected, household names that call the Palmetto State home.” -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“Anderson County is proud that Electrolux has been part of our community for the past 25 years. This new investment reflects the company’s commitment to making the highest quality products and to providing jobs in our community.” -Tommy Dunn, chairman of Anderson County Council

“Continued investment by Electrolux in their Anderson facility is testimony to the company’s confidence in our labor force and the county’s pro-business mindset. We offer congratulations, thanks and well wishes for many years of success in Anderson County.” -Eddie Moore, member of Anderson County Council (District 3)


• Electrolux is investing another $30 million over the next two years in it Anderson, S.C. manufacturing facility.

• The Anderson plant produces top-freezer refrigerators as well as under-the-counter models.

• The company employs 1,900 full-time and contract employees in Anderson.

• The company produces one out of every two top-freezer refrigerators shipped in North America.

• Since 2011, Electrolux has already invested more than $30 million in Anderson, including the Refrigeration Research and Development (R&D) Center.

About Electrolux:

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances, based on deep consumer insight and developed in close collaboration with professional users. We offer thoughtfully designed, innovative solutions for households and businesses, with products such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and small domestic appliances. Under esteemed brands including Electrolux, Frigidaire, AEG, Zanussi and Electrolux Grand Cuisine, the Group sells more than 50 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year. In 2013, Electrolux had sales of $16.7 billion ($5.3 billion in North America) and 61,000 employees. The Electrolux North American headquarters is located at 10200 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28262 in the University Research Park. For more information, go tohttp://newsroom.electrolux.com/us/.

Scholarship Funding Organizations choose best practices pledge

schoolchoice1SPIRIT OF THE LAW – The Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO) pledges to adhere to both the letter of the proviso, law and regulations that govern the tax credit funded scholarship program(s) of South Carolina, as well as the often broader legislative intent and spirit of those legal and regulatory requirements.

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