Sen. Martin: Defending the Constitution

shane.martinI have traveled a great deal over the past month for my business, and still paid attention to the mainstream news. One headline that really caught my attention said that Attorney General Alan Wilson will continue to defend South Carolina’s constitutional ban on gay marriage. I know Alan is a great guy and takes his office seriously, so immediately I wasn’t surprised and didn’t give it anymore thought. However, back at the hotel that evening, catching up on some work, I began to think about that headline.

My thought was that South Carolina doesn’t have a ban on gay marriage. What South Carolina has is a Constitution that defines what marriage is, what God intended it to be, a holy union between a man and a woman. I knew the history in my head, but I did a little bit of research just to get the correct numbers. In 2006 South Carolina amended its Constitution to define marriage in this manner. This amendment was passed by a two thirds (super majority) vote in both the SC House of Representatives and in the SC Senate. It then was placed on the General Election ballot in November and passed by 78% of the voters. Pretty strong, if you ask me.

All lawmakers, Senators (like me), Representatives, and Constitutional Officers (including the Attorney General and Governor) all swear an oath after elected to public office. We place our hand on God’s word, The Bible, and swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the State of South Carolina and the Constitution of the United States of America. Even if there are parts of the Constitution that some elected officials don’t like, they are still required by their oath to protect and defend the whole Constitution.

I believe the media has missed the point of this debate. Our Attorney General, Alan Wilson, is defending the Constitution of our great state. Since we truly aren’t banning anything, I wish the media would change the headlines to honestly state just that.

Maybe some of the gubernatorial candidates running against Nikki Haley should introduce their plan to change the Constitution of our State to define marriage in a different way. I would wish them the best, but as long as I am elected I will continue to defend the entire Constitution as I swore by my oath on the Bible. Please take the time to thank Alan Wilson for not cowering to the media or political pressure. There is a process, and those people who want marriage to be a free-for-all should try to change the Constitution, and they should stop stunts like a petition asking Alan Wilson to violate his oath! I know that he will not do that, and I won’t either.

Sen. Shane Martin (R-Pauline)

from 1st monday club

REMINDER:  1st Monday Club of Anderson will not meet in August.

Please see this important notice below.  Our members are encouraged to consider running for these important nonpartisan boards and commissions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE*  The candidate-filing period will open at noon on Aug. 1 for a dozen nonpartisan boards and commissions with members from Anderson County.

Candidates can file to run for the district 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 seats on theAnderson County Board of Education.

Candidates also can file for seats on the following Anderson County school trustees boards:

District 1: Areas 1, 4, 5 and 7

District 2: Areas 1 (two seats), 3, 4 and at-large

District 3: Areas 1, 4 and at-large

District 4: Areas 2, 4 and 5

District 5: Areas 2, 5, 6 and at-large

Candidates can file to run for three seats on the Homeland Park Water & Sewer Commission, as well three seats on the Piedmont Public Service District.

Candidates can file for three seats on the Big Creek Watershed District and two seats on the Broadmouth Creek Watershed District.

Candidates who want to run for three seats on the Brushy Creek Watershed District and two seats on Three & Twenty Watershed District must file their paperwork with the state election commission in Columbia. These districts cover portions of both Anderson and Pickens counties.

All other candidates running for nonpartisan board and commission seats in Anderson County must file a statement of intention of candidacy at the Voter Registration and Elections Office in Room 101 at 107 S. Main Street, which is behind the county’s historic courthouse.

The filing period will continue until noon on Aug. 15.

Anyone with questions can call the voter registration and elections office at864-260-4035.

*information via Anderson Independent


eliminate the income tax? 81% say “yes”

Question #2: The South Carolina Department of Transportation estimates more than $26 billion is required to fix South Carolina’s crumbling roads and bridges. Should gaming laws be modernized to fund the repairs instead of a tax increase?

County Percentage of Yes Votes on #2

Abbeville 83.95% Aiken 78.48% Allendale 79.37% Anderson 79.98% Bamberg 84.02% Barnwell 80.84% Beaufort 77.93% Berkeley 83.59% Calhoun 83.33% Charleston 82.68% Cherokee 80.81% Chester 88.14% Chesterfield 83.23% Claredon 83.97% Colleton 82.76% Darlington 79.20% Dillon 80.52% Dorchester 78.22% Edgefield 84.86% Fairfield 86.67% Florence 81.71% Georgetown 77.81% Greenville 79.61% Greenwood 79.96% Hampton 82.72% Horry 78.34% Jasper 82.96% Kershaw 76.76% Lancaster 78.28% Laurens 80.61% Lee 84.82% Lexington 81.10% Marion 79.61% Marlboro 78.79% McCormick 83.10% Newberry 81.94% Oconee 68.65% Orangeburg 85.26% Pickens 76.33% Richland 78.18% Saluda 83.95% Spartanburg 80.45% Sumter 84.68% Union 82.34% Williamsburg 86.53% York 79.95%

What do we do about the Middle East?

An update from Ryan and Jessica’s Ministry
reaching Jewish people with the gospel
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Shalom Concord Community Church ,
The world seems to be in uproar and yet at the same time the Kingdom of God is expanding. It seems like a paradox but this is the battle that we are all fighting. It is the battle of the impending Kingdom of God vs. the principalities of darkness from Ephesians. Fortunately, I have read the last chapter of Revelation, God and those who follow Jesus are victorious.

While we were directing a camp for Jewish kids ages 8-16, the conflict erupted in Israel. In the past 2.5 weeks, around 2,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza after three Israelis were murdered by Arabs in the West Bank, and 1 Arab boy was murdered by Jewish extremists in Israel. Death is death and God does not rejoice at this.

So what do we do in reaction to what is happening. For us, we have friends who are in the army, who have been called up for reserve duty who are working to keep Israel safe for its citizens, both Jewish and Arab. So this hits close to home for us. 13 Israeli soldiers died in the past two days defending their country. Please understand that I do not vouch for everything that the government of Israel does but I still believe in God’s promises regarding His promised land and I believe there is a lot more right on the side of the Israelis than on the other.

Meanwhile around the world and in the United States, anti-antisemitism is on the rise and is playing out in violent ways. It is particularly bad in France and as a result many of the French Jews are leaving the country for safety concerns. Please read more in my friend Olivier’s Website

It is simple, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and we are to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem (Isaiah 62:6). As violence began to shatter Israel during our kids camp, I took one of the morning worship times as an opportunity to teach them that as Jewish people and believers in God’s word, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem! I suggest you read these short passages also.

I encourage you to to join us in praying the following:
That the Lord would protect Israelis from the rockets and the innocent Arabs who are being used by their own people
That the world would see this for what it really is, a blatant attempt and gaining sympathy by Hamas, a terror group
That it would be wrapped up quickly
Please take a look at the following links to see what is really going on in Israel and to Jewish people:

The videos of The Israel Project are incredibly informative:

Antisemitism on the rise:

The use of human shields by the mouth of Hamas:

In Messiah,
Ryan and Jessica and BenZion Karp

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American’s for Prosperity: eliminate the income tax, expand school choice

I was pleased to speak at the first town hall meeting hosted by Americans for Prosperity. They are organizing grass-roots efforts focusing on 2 issues: eliminating the income tax and educational choice. These two issues alone could transform South Carolina. I want to thank the Anderson Independent Mail for their extensive coverage. This year the Republican Primary ballot had a question asking Republicans if they want income taxes eliminated. The non-binding referendum passed 80%.

Camp Hope Teen 2 2015 “Roaring Twenties”

We had a great week at Camp Hope Teen 2. The best news is that a boy accepted Christ as Savior, being led by another camper! We always introduce the theme for next year. Here’s the video. Enjoy:

2015.roaring.twenties.intro from Camp Hope on Vimeo.

s.940 cloture votes

free-moneyS. 940 (the $1.7 billion tax hike) is the legislation that allows for counties to offer a local option sales tax. This means that the ballots of 14 counties will have this option on the ballot in November’s General Election. Our effort to kill S. 940 was almost successful. To end a filibuster on a conference report the Senate must adopt a “cloture” motion. This is majority of the body or “hard” 23. This means that an absent member is just as valuable as a “nay” vote. Normally, this number is 24. Sen. Yancey McGill (D-Williamsburg) is now Lt. Governor. This vacancy lowers it to 23. Cloture was invoked at 3:26pm. By statute, we could not go past 5:00 pm last Thursday.

Here’s how the counts were on each motion: 1st 10-31; 2nd 19-20; 3rd 22-16; 4th 19-18; 5th 21-15; 6th 23-15

Members vote “aye” or “nay” for different reasons. The vote can be based on a personal like or dislike for the member holding the floor. Some think filibusters are a waste of time and we should vote on every bill. I have a few colleagues that never vote cloture no matter who has the floor or what the subject is. Sometimes I’ve seen a filibuster on a bill because of a different bill that will be taken up next.

The rules of the “deliberative” body are to protect the minority. Depending on the issue, the minority in the South Carolina Senate is either conservatives or Democrats. These two groups often find common ground on procedural issues.

Many people think it would be based on the subject matter of the bill itself, however, S. 940 passed 35-5. We lost this one, but when it comes to taxes, we’ll go down kicking and screaming.

Never voted “aye”:
Karl Allen (D-Greenville)
Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg)
Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson)
Tom Davis (R-Beaufort)
Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg)
Gerald Malloy (D-Darlington)
Martin (Shane) (R-Spartanburg)
John Matthews (D-Orangeburg)
Clementa Pinckney (D-Jasper)
Luke Rankin (R-Horry)
John Scott (D-Richland)
Vincent Sheheen (D-Kershaw)
Danny Verdin (R-Laurens)
Kent Williams (D-Marion)


Voted “aye” once: Shane Massey (R-Aiken), Thomas McElveen (D-Sumter), Nikki Setlzer (D-Lexington)

Voted “aye” twice: Creighton Coleman (D-Fairfield), Tom Corbin (R-Greenville), Hugh Leatherman (R-Florence), Joel Lourie (D-Richland), Floyd Nicholson (D-Greenwood)

Voted “aye” 3 times: Ray Cleary (R-Georgetown)

Voted “aye” 4 times: Greg Gregory (R-Lancaster)

Voted “aye” 5 times: Thomas Alexander (R-Oconee), John Courson (R-Richland), Larry Grooms (R-Berckeley), Marlon Kimpson (D-Charleston), Harvey Peeler (R-Cherokee), Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington), Paul Thurmond (R-Charleston), Ross Turner (R-Greenville)

Voted “aye” 6 times: Sean Bennett (R-Dorchester), Chip Campsen (R-Charleston), Ronnie Cromer (R-Newberry), Mike Fair (R-Greenville), Wes Hayes (R-York), Greg Hembree (R-Horry), Martin (Larry) (R-Pickens), O’Dell (R-Abbeville)

Sen. Shane Martin: a tax hike steamroll

Header2I normally would say at the end of the session that you can release the death grip on your wallet, but this year legislators switched on a time bomb that may explode in November at the General Election. Over one dozen counties may face a local referendum in November on the question of adding to their sales tax, ostensibly for school construction. There will be no such ballot question in Spartanburg County, Greenville County or Union County, but if you travel to other counties like Anderson, you may be paying another cent or two if you make a purchase there.

The saddest part of this last minute slap to the taxpayer is that it was made possible by Republicans in the Senate. Senator Kevin Bryant filibustered this tax increase for four and a half hours on the final day, and he withstood five separate attempts to sit him down. The sixth, though, was successful as nearly all of the Republicans voted to end debate. I tell you this story only to remind you that when I speak of the RINOcrat majority, this perfectly reflects what I mean—the majority of the Senate voting for a likely tax increase. When you wonder why our gun laws violate the Constitution or why our Republican-majority statehouse refuses to stop Obamacare, this is the answer. The only thing worse is that when given the chance, and when pleaded with by conservatives across South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley nonetheless signed the tax time bomb into law. She could have vetoed this bill and said to the taxpayers that if their so-called Republican representatives wouldn’t stand in front of a tax increase, then she would. Nikki Haley, instead, told local taxpayers that, “you’re on your own” and when the special interests spend thousands to raise your taxes “don’t call me.”

Friends, I cannot fully relay my frustration at this turn of events. All I can do is let you know that the handful of conservatives in Columbia will have to dig deeper into the bag of political tools to stop these things in the future.

a $1,736,830,485 tax hike needs a veto

debtOn Thursday June 19th, conservatives tried our best to kill a $1,736,830,485 tax hike. I took the floor at 10:15am to try to persuade my colleagues that South Carolina simply can’t afford a new tax increase. After 5 motions for cloture, the 6th motion received the 23 votes necessary to end a filibuster at 3:26 pm. The government grab-it rabbit is after you!

S. 940 is a bill that enables tax increase referendums for school construction in 14 counties in South Carolina. If passed, Anderson taxpayers will fork up $206 million.

Why not let the people decide? The voters of Senate district 3 voted in 2004, 2008, & 2012 on the promise of no tax increases. Well, I’ve made a commitment to the constituents I represent that I’d not only vote against any tax increase, I would do everything possible to prevent one. Another reason is that these referendum campaigns will be funded by special interests that will profit from the construction. It simply puts the taxpayer campaigning against its own government from taking more of their money.

It’s just a penny? Pennies ad up! This penny is $1,736,830,485. This money taken out of the pockets of consumers will prevent growth in our economy. It is a further intrusion on the freedom of the taxpayer to spend his/her own money as they sit fit. Additionally, sales tax hikes injure seniors and low income South Carolinians most.

If only we could’ve held on for 2 more hours, the taxpayer’s wallet could have been protected. Eventually, there may be a $1,736,830,485 shock to your wallet.

A comment by a district representative during their victory lap was: “Sadly, sometimes one lone dissenter can cause trouble for the masses”. Maybe it was a poor choice of words, but this rhetoric sound kind of elitist don’t you think?

Hopefully, the Governor Haley will veto this well intentioned, yet bad piece of legislation. Click here to contact the Governor’s Office.

in state diagnostic services proviso eliminated by SC House

drug-testThe Senate version of the budget this year contain the following proviso:

33.32. (DHHS: In-state Medicaid Providers Lab Services)  Whenever possible, contracts with managed care plans participating in the Healthy Connections Choices program shall apply an in-state provider preference when contracting for laboratory services if the in-state provider is able to provide the requested service at the same or less cost as an out-of-state provider.

What this means is all of the Medicaid hmo’s are required to consider contracting with in-state when possible. Currently the two largest medicaid hmo’s send all of their lab work to a company in North Carolina. This proviso simple calls for a chance for South Carolina labs to participate. Unfortunately, the SC House budget amendment struck this proviso.