Davis Garrett Fundraiser

Saturday, March 29, 2014, 5:30-8:30 pm

New Covenant Presbyterian Church, 301 Simpson Road, Anderson, SC 29621

Dinner, Entertainment, Silent and Live Auction

$20 a ticket: Make checks payable to Davis Garrett Fund

For tickets contact Paula Miles (864) 650-2820, Lee Ann Qualkinbush (864) 508-0364, Vicki Dixon (864) 915-0786, Maria Dunlap (864) 940-3080, Janie Clary (864) 224-1497, Anna Smith (864) 934-7022

A fundraising event to help with Davis Garrett’s medical expenses. He has been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and the Garrett family has been crippled with medical bills.

Judge Dan Sharp: lifelong Republican

dan.sharp.boyFrom judgedansharp.comAs a young boy, Dan Sharp (candidate for Probate Judge) grew up on an apple farm in Walhalla. He was taught the value of hard work, personal responsibility, and free market tenets. His humble beginnings include learning about sustainable agriculture as a steward of God’s creation. These values are the foundation of his unshakable character.

Many candidates for office choose their party by convenience in an effort to get elected. Dan sharp has never been a Democrat, nor ever supported a Democrat. Dan Sharp has a lifelong proven tract record of choosing principle over politics. He is undoubtably a lifelong Republican!

SC Club for Growth Legislative Update

club_for_growth_398The House of Representatives just passed the largest budget in South Carolina’s history. The $24 billion budget appropriates $1.6 billion more than last year’s budget.

It is unfortunate that excess revenues were spent instead of returned to taxpayers, however; we are encouraged to see a plan allowing counties to buy roads from the state. Nationally, South Carolina ranks number five for miles of state owned roads but is one of the smaller states (40th). One step for improving roads in South Carolina is not by raising taxes, but taking roads that the state owns and put the counties in charge.

We were sad to see two efforts to remove a full time security detail for a part time public official fail. Some previous Lt. Governors have realized that a full time security detail is a waste of taxpayer money and we agree. It was also disappointing to see a proposal to prevent local government from charging a fee for paying your taxes with a credit or debit card. This “tax on a tax” isn’t something we agree with and the Senate should put this back in the budget.

On the Senate side a weak ethics reform bill, which was largely debated behind closed doors, was passed back over to the House. The Senate’s version still allows self-policing for legislators. We hope that the House will fix this and strengthen this much-needed reform.

As the Senate starts the budget process we encourage members to keep all pet projects, pork and earmarks out of the budget and return any excess revenues to the taxpayer. Despite what many politicians think, tax dollars are not manna from heaven but money taken straight from the pockets of hard working South Carolinians.

School Choice at work!

sholarshipCatholic Bishop hands check to school principal and family of Cameron Horne, third grade special needs student who transferred St. Joseph’s. The scholarship -issued by St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Finding Organization (SFO)- was financed privately by tax credit funded donations.

Anderson County Fire Commissioners

firefighterMy colleagues on the Anderson County Legislative Delegation and my phones have been ringing off the hook from the fine volunteers on the Anderson County Fire Stations across Anderson County. I want to stress I have not been happy with some of the actions made by the commission. They own several vehicles for their employees personal use and they spend too much on traveling to conventions at high dollar hotels at the beach. These expenses don’t put out fires or buy equipment for our volunteer firemen. What can I do? Only two things:

1-The delegation votes on the budget of the Commission every year. I’ve been voting against these budgets in the last few years, but so far the majority supports their budgets.

2-Vote for members of the commission. Governor Haley appoints Commissioners by nomination by the delegation.

I appreciate all the passion to reform the practices of the commission, but I’ve encouraged my friends to direct all this energy to recruiting a slate of candidates committed to a common set of reforms, or pressuring any incumbent to support these reforms. My suggestions would be simple:

1-Sell all vehicles that are not fire trucks
2-Delete all travel expenses
3-Use all these funds to purchase fire fighting equipment

Below is the current make up of the Anderson County Fire Commission:


Appointed by the Governor upon recommendation of the Legislative Delegation for a four (4) year term, the dates of their term expiration, and the district they represent.

Mr. Glenn G. Holliday, 07-07-2014, School Dist. 1
Mr. Gerald Hanks, 07-07-2016, School Dist. 2
Mr. Stephen Sorensen, 07-07-2014, School Dist. 3
Mr. Preston Cox, 07-07-2014, School Dist. 4
Mr. Willard W. Wiles, 07-07-2016, School Dist. 5

Flipsyde – Happy Birthday (With Lyrics)

Orian Rugs 125 new jobs in Anderson!

jobs.hiringOrian Announces Expansion At Anderson County Facility
$13 Million Investment Expected To Create 125 New Jobs
COLUMBIA, S.C. – Anderson County is slated to see an influx of 125 jobs in 2014 as Orian Rugs, a family owned manufacturer of machine woven area rugs, announces a $13 million expansion at its South Carolina facility.
The $13 million expansion adds to the bustling growth Orian has experienced at their Anderson County headquarters over the past 35 years. Since Orian’s opening in 1979, the company has acquired three sister companies, McThree Carpets and Bajong Carpets, both in Belgium, and Sofiteks in Turkey. Additionally, Orian has grown into a 550,000-square-foot, state–of-the-art facility, with 500 employees in Anderson prior to the expansion with operations on a global business level.
The Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved job development credits for the project.
“Orian is excited to announce this additional investment in our Anderson, SC manufacturing facility. We appreciate the commitment that the local and state governments have made to support manufacturing and encourage us to continue to grow here in South Carolina. Orian is very proud to be a leader in the North American rug business, driven by our dedicated workforce in Anderson, and we look forward to future opportunities here in Anderson County.” – Wim De Pape, president of Orian Rugs
“Orian was built from the ground up in South Carolina and continues to expand within our state. We are excited they are continuing to grow in South Carolina with a $13 million investment, creating 125 new jobs.” -Gov. Nikki Haley
“To see a company start in South Carolina and rise to the global business level is nothing short of amazing. Orian’s continuous choice to build and expand right at home is a strong testament to the business-friendly culture South Carolina demonstrates with each and every company that chooses to do business here.” -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt
“We are very excited Orian Rugs made the decision to expand in Anderson County. They could have chosen to expand anywhere in the world and chose Anderson. Over the past 35 years, Orian has been a wonderful economic asset to our county.” -Lt. Col. Tom Allen, Retired – Anderson County Council District 4 representative
· $13 million investment and 125 jobs.
· Opened its doors in South Carolina 35 years ago and have since acquired three sister companies in both Belgium and Turkey (i.e., McThree Carpets, Bajong Carpets and Sofiteks).
· Orian has grown into a 550,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility operating on a global business level.
· Orian currently employs more than 500 employees in the Anderson area.
· Began as a family-owned rug company that originated in Anderson, SC.

scpc “doubling down on debt”

scpcDoubling Down on Bad Transportation Policy (Filed 2/05/14)
S.994 would enact two large infrastructure funding changes. First it would change recently enacted law that stipulates $50 million be transferred to infrastructure bank each year to be bonded into $500 million for projects that bank deems worthy. This bill would increase this annual transfer amount to $100 million which could be bonded into a $1 billion of new debt each year. Second, the bill would mandate the full transference of a revenue source, half of which currently dedicated to education to the State Non-Federal Aid Highway Fund. This revenue source used to be dedicated entirely to education, but half of the proceeds were redirected to infrastructure last year and only one year later the legislature is back for the other half of the revenues. This idea as we have said before represents that old saying robbing Peter to pay Paul.
These policies were bad ideas when they were introduced and first passed, and they’re still bad ideas when legislators are trying to double down on them now. Passing this bill would mean more debt, and it would do little to guarantee better roads. Until lawmakers address our state’s prioritizing of construction over maintenance, any other road fix bills will simply be throwing good money after bad.

they want in your wallet and it’s my fault they can’t

gas tax McConnell show thursday @9:30am

gas.taxI’ll be on the Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell’s TV show on Thursday morning to discuss the current proposals to increase the gas tax in South Carolina. As a strong opponent to raising gas taxes, I will make an attempt to convince South Carolinians that your government spends too much money on frivolous items, then comes to you with the obvious need to repair our roads and bridges. Please watch (Here’s a link to the stream).

By the way, I’ve talked more on the bloated spending appetite in Columbia a few times. Check Here.13.01.10, Here.12.12.17, Here.12.11.29, Here.12.09.14, Here.12.09.05, Here.12.07.23, Here.12.06.08, Here.12.05.29, Here.12.05.14, Here.12.05.09, Here.12.03.23, Here.12.01.10, Here.11.12.17, Here.11.11.07, Here.11.09.09, Here.11.08.18, Here.11.08.17, Here.11.08.04, Here.11.08.03, Here.11.07.29, Here.11.07.29, Here.11.07.28, Here.11.07.25, Here.11.07.22, Here.11.07.21, Here.11.07.15, Here.11.07.11, Here.11.07.04, Here.11.06.22, Here.11.06.22, Here.11.06.21, Here.11.06.20, Here.11.06.20, Here.11.06.17, Here.11.06.05, Here.11.05.12, Here.11.05.11, Here.11.05.11, Here.11.05.09, Here.11.05.04, Here.11.05.02, Here.11.04.28, Here.11.04.18, Here.11.03.09, Here.11.02.28, Here.11.02.15, Here.11.02.04, Here.11.02.01, Here.11.01.31, Here.11.01.26, Here.10.01.25, Here.10.01.17, Here.10.01.12, Here.10.11.07, Here.10.12.05, Here.10.12.10, Here.10.11.26, Here.10.11.17, Here.10.11.12, Here.10.05.24, Here.10.03.25, Here.10.03.08, Here.10.03.03, Here.10.01.23, Here.10.01.20, Here.10.01.19, Here.10.01.13, Here.10.01.06, Here.09.10.12, Here.09.09.25, Here.09.09.22, Here.09.07.21, Here.09.05.20, Here.09.05.19, Here.09.05.16, Here.09.05.15, Here.09.05.14, Here.09.05.11, Here.09.04.30, Here.09.04.28, Here.09.04.28, Here.09.04.27, Here.09.04.25, Here.09.04.24, Here.09.04.23, Here.09.04.14, Here.09.04.16, Here.09.04.14, Here.09.04.14, Here.09.04.12, Here.09.03.24, Here.09.03.20, Here.09.03.17, Here.09.03.11, Here.09.02.25, Here.09.01.29, Here.09.01.23, Here.09.01.22, Here.08.08.19, Here.08.08.11, Here.08.07.29, Here.08.06.19, Here.08.06.09, Here.08.06.05, Here.08.05.27, Here.08.05.20, Here.08.04.30, Here.08.04.16, Here.08.04.15, Here.08.04.10, Here.08.04.09, Here.08.04.08, Here.08.04.04, Here.08.03.26, Here.08.03.20, Here.08.03.13, Here.08.02.20, Here.08.02.19, Here.08.02.14, Here.08.01.31, Here.08.01.09, Here.07.11.08, Here.07.10.19, Here.07.08.31, Here.07.06.21, Here.07.06.06, Here.07.05.20, Here.07.04.30, Here.07.04.27, Here.07.04.26, Here.07.04.24, Here.07.04.24, Here.07.04.21, Here.07.04.12, Here.07.03.15, Here.07.01.28, Here.06.12.07, Here.06.06.05, Here.06.05.12, Here.06.05.18, Here.06.04.30, Here.06.02.08, Here.06.02.09, Here.06.21.06, Here.05.12.14, Here.05.06.17, Here.05.04.17