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May 7, 2015

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Techtronic Industries Expanding Operations In Anderson County

$85 Million Investment Expected To Generate More Than 216 New Jobs In The Upstate


COLUMBIA, S.C. –Techtronic Industries (TTI), a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of quality consumer, professional and industrial products, is expanding its manufacturing and distribution operations in Anderson County. The $85 million investment will create at least 216 new jobs in Anderson, S.C. over the next five years.


Founded in 1985, TTI has continuously expanded around the world through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.  TTI now boasts among its portfolio some of the world’s most famous and iconic brands.  The company’s brands include Milwaukee®, AEG®, Ryobi®, Homelite®, Hoover®, Oreck®, Vax® and Dirt Devil ®. As a global leader in the home improvement, construction and consumer product markets, the company employs more than 20,000 workers worldwide.


To expand its Anderson County operations, TTI will construct a new 1.3 million-square-foot distribution, assembly and reconditioning center.  The new distribution center will be constructed near the I-85 / S.C. Hwy. 81 interchange. This expansion will significantly improve efficiency and productivity at the company’s Upstate operations, as well as increase the distribution of TTI’s outdoor products and power tools.


The facility is expected to be up and running by the end of the second quarter of 2016. For more information on the Techtronic Industries,


The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to the project.




“Investing and expanding our South Carolina operations is a critical component of our continued success. The new facility will allow us to better serve our customers and enhance our leadership position in the U.S. Power Tool and Outdoor Products Marketplace. We’d also like to thank our South Carolina partners – Governor Nikki Haley, the South Carolina Department of Commerce and Anderson County – for helping this project come to fruition.” –TTI Power Equipment, Power Tool & Outdoor Product Presidents Mike Farrah & Lee Sowell


“It really is a reason to celebrate when a company doing business in South Carolina succeeds and makes the decision to expand and create more jobs here. TTI’s latest investment, and the 216 new jobs it will create, will make a real difference in Anderson, and we look forward to watching this great company continue to thrive there for many years to come.” –Gov. Nikki Haley


“International investment continues to drive our economy, providing opportunities for South Carolinians in all corners of our state. I congratulate Techtronic Industries and our Upstate community on this milestone announcement and look forward to the continued success of this partnership in the years to come.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt


“SC Ports Authority congratulates Techtronic Industries on their expanding footprint in South Carolina and looks forward to serving their growing import needs. The Upstate is home to a large concentration of port users and rising number of distribution centers that serve the booming Southeastern consumer population. Techtronic’s announcement is significant to the Port, and it reflects our connection between international manufacturers and access to inland markets for retail distribution.” –SC Ports Authority President and CEO Jim Newsome


“Today’s announcement by Techtronic Industries further confirms South Carolina’s position as the premier destination for businesses that want to expand, grow, and be successful in today’s global economy.  TTI has already been a positive corporate citizen in Anderson and I am proud and excited that the company has committed to bring additional jobs and increase its significant investment in Anderson County.” –SC State Representative Brian White, District 6


“Anderson County is so pleased to join our longtime industry partner, Techtronic Industries, as they share this exciting announcement. Their investment in this expansion into a new facility on Highway 81/Exit 27 demonstrates their consistent commitment to our entire community.” –Anderson County Council Chairman Tommy Dunn, District 5


“Techtronic Industries has been a key player in Anderson County’s economic vitality for many years. Their latest investment of $85 million will bring 216 new jobs to the Upstate.  Visitors entering our County will be greeted with the new TTI Campus, which will greatly enhance the landscape of I-85’s exit 27. On behalf of the residents and businesses of District 4, I am thrilled to welcome TTI’s expansion into our area of the County and I look forward to working together toward a bright future for both TTI and Anderson County.” –Anderson County Council Member Tom Allen, District 4




•           Techtronic Industries (TTI) is expanding operations in Anderson County.

•           $85 million investment creating 216 new jobs.

•           TTI was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Hong Kong.

•           The company will construct a new 1.3 million-square-foot facility.

•           As a global leader, TTI employs more than 20,000 workers worldwide.


About Techtronic Industries (TTI):


Founded in 1985 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1990, TTI is a world-class leader in quality consumer, professional and industrial products marketed to the home improvement, hardware, and construction industries. An unrelenting strategic focus on Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Exceptional People and Operational Excellence drives our success. TTI’s powerful brand portfolio includes MILWAUKEE, AEG® and RYOBI® power tools, accessories and hand tools, RYOBI® and HOMELITE outdoor products, EMPIRE layout and measurement products, and HOOVER, ORECK , VAX and DIRT DEVIL floor care and appliances.


SC Senate Republican Caucus Road Plan

potholeMay 7, 2015 For Immediate Release Contact:

Press Release
(Click Here to Download full Press Kit)

Columbia, S.C. – The South Carolina Senate Republican Caucus announced today a comprehensive infrastructure improvement, tax reduction and Department of Transportation reform plan for South Carolina. This plan is will provide much needed long-term funding to fix the ailing road system in the state, provide permanent across-the-board income tax cuts and restructures the DOT Commission to improve performance and accountability.

“The key elements of our plan are reforming and modernizing the DOT; establishing solid long-term funding to make our roads safe; and, a tax cut plan that makes South Carolina more competitive and reduces the growth of government spending. Under this balanced approach, the people of South Carolina will have a solid road funding plan and an overall net decrease in their taxes.” Majority Leader, Senator Harvey Peeler (Gaffney).

Department of Transportation Reform:

Plan restructures DOT governance with an improved Commission plus Secretary model.

The Commission. The selection of the Commission will be based on each congressional district having one seat, and one at-large seat. District Commissioners will be rotated within the district so that small and large counties will have an opportunity to be represented. Each commissioner will serve one six year term. Current DOT commissioners would have their current terms extended by two years.

Selection process. The governor will nominate each new commissioner including the at-large seat. All nominees must be found qualified by the Joint Transportation Review Committee and then be confirmed by the Senate.

The Secretary of Transportation. The Secretary will be hired by the Commission. The Secretary will be screened by the Senate Transportation Committee and confirmed by the full Senate.

Senator Larry Grooms (Berkeley), Chairman of the Transportation Committee, and a key leader for DOT reform praised the new governance structure: “While some plans are full of hot air, our SCDOT reforms make our plan as solid as concrete.”

Long-term funding to put our roads back on track:

The funding plan uses a balanced set of sources and a multiyear phase-in approach. This is important for taxpayers and assures that sufficient funds will be available when the DOT takes action to fix our roads.

Gas tax increase phased in over 3yrs. Total $.12, indexed, and
will never be higher than GA and NC                                                                         $136,000,000
Current transfer of vehicle sale taxes (FYs 2013-14)                                                       $50,000,000
Current transfer of vehicle sale taxes (FY2015)                                                                $69,000,000
Increasing the sales tax on vehicles to $600                                                                  $88,000,000
Increasing SCDL fees                                                                                                            $11,700,000
Increasing Car Registration fees                                                                                        $24,140,000
Hybrid/Electric Car road fees                                                                                               $1,230,000
Road User Fees/Property Tax conversion for commercial
vehicles over 26,000lbs. (out of state portion)                                                           $10,000,000

Total Value Year 1 = $390,070,000
Total Value Year 5 = $800,000,000

Year 1 new fees and taxes to SC residents = $215,000,000.             Bold = new revenue

Senator Ray Cleary (Georgetown-Horry), Chairman of the Transportation Funding Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee endorsed the plan saying: “We have responded to the needs of SC DOT as explained in their letter to the General Assembly last October. Most importantly, we are meeting the state’s needs in a fiscally responsible and conservative manner by having the fees take full effect gradually over about five years.”

Across-the-Board Income Tax Relief:

The final piece of the proposed plan is a reduction in the personal income tax rates in each tax bracket by one full percentage point over five years (.02% per year). The value of the relief to South Carolinians increases from $120,000,000 in year one to approximately $709,000,000 in year five.

South Carolinians pay approximately 66% of the gas taxes. The remainder is paid by out of state motorists. As a result, this plan is not only revenue neutral; it provides a permanent and a substantial reduction in the overall tax burden of South Carolinians. This will help every South Carolinian and will reduce the rate of state government budget growth in the future.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) anticipates around 4% growth in each of the next several years. Even after the tax cuts, the BEA expects real tax revenue growth of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Senator Sean Bennett (Dorchester), a senator with significant professional experience in finance, assessed the impact of the comprehensive plan this way: “This plan is a game changer for the people of South Carolina. It will improve our overall economic competitiveness and quality of life by dedicating critically needed revenue to our roads, reforming the SCDOT so that those resources are efficiently deployed, reducing overall tax liability to our citizens, and controlling the rate of government growth.”


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DHEC abortion clinic inspections

SCCL Letterhead
To: SCCL E-Mail Tree
From: Holly Gatling, Executive Director
Subject: Audit Slams DHEC Over Abortion Clinic Inspections
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Audit: DHEC Abortion Clinic Inspections Insufficient
COLUMBIA, S.C. (Wednesday, May6, 2015) — The South Carolina Legislative Audit Council has issued a scathing report criticizing the state health department for numerous deficiencies in its inspection of the state’s three freestanding abortion facilities that could “result in serious problems for patients” if the problems are not addressed.
Discrepancies were noted in the number of abortions performed at one facility and the number reported to the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Public Health Statistics and Information Services. Over a five year period between 2009 and 2013 the unnamed facility reported 471 fewer abortions than were performed, the report notes.
Among the 30 recommendations for improvement, the audit says DHEC should “conduct annual inspections as required by state law” and post the inspection results on its website. The website should be more user friendly and accurate, the audit says, and provide a toll-free number for reporting complaints against abortion facilities.
The audit calls on the South Carolina General Assembly to amend the state law to require a “pre-abortion ultrasound to determine the gestational age of the fetus for all abortions.”
The three free-standing abortion facilities operating in South Carolina are: The Women’s Clinic of Greenville, Planned Parenthood of Columbia, and the Charleston Women’s Medical Center in Charleston.
A nine-page rebuttal by DHEC concludes, “While much of the Report provides helpful input warranting consideration, it does not portray systematic failures by the Department reflecting imminent harm to patient health or safety.”
Representative Garry Smith, R, Greenville, called the LAC report “troubling.” The audit was requested by some members of the S.C. House of Representatives.
“I am very concerned about the under reporting of abortions,” Smith said, “and the failure and seeming lackadaisical attitude of DHEC for their responsibility to inspect these facilities. This report is very troubling.”
View the report here.
Saving babies’ lives in South Carolina’s most notorious former abortion facility.
Street address: 1411 Barwell St., Suite 3
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Mailing address: P.O. Box 5865, Columbia SC  29250
Phone: 803.252.LIFE (5433) Red Heart Fax: 803.252.3118

National School Choice Week

NSCW isn’t the only time to commemorate great education options.
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Dear Friend,
As we’re about to start summer, I wanted to touch base and thank you again for being so enthusiastic about National School Choice Week every year. Thanks to you, the Week has grown from 150 events in 2011 to more than 11,000+ events this past January.
And I’m confident 2016 will be even more impactful. (In fact, you can already pre-register for a free starter kit for your organization’s 2016 event, here.)

Of course, National School Choice Week isn’t the only time to commemorate effective education for children.
For example, this week is National Charter Schools Week, which we’re excited to commemorate — just as we celebrated magnet schools in February and digital and online learning in March.
And, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, too!
We hope you’ll take some time this week to thank a teacher who has made a positive difference in your life, or in the life of your child(ren). Great teachers play an essential role in all types of schools — and in the home. That’s why some of our most prominent NSCW signs feature positive messages about educators, and why tens of thousands of teachers play a crucial role in NSCW every year.
We hope you’ll join us in recognizing educators this week, and in celebrating the essential role that teachers play in making school choice a reality.
Have a great week and an excellent spring.

Please join the “Bryant for Senate” Committee 4
Dear Friends,

I sincerely appreciate your support since the beginning of my public service. Because of your help, we’ve been able to carry our positive message of reform to Columbia. As 2015.05.03.window.sticker 3the next campaign nears, I’m asking if you would consider being on the “Bryant for Senate Committee”. If so, please click here. Would you consider displaying our new and improved window sticker on your car? They look so much better, don’t you think? If you’d like one click here.

As chairman of the committee that oversees the Department of Employment and Workforce, we’ve witnessed the elimination of $ 1 billion in debt owed to the federal government, a new culture of work first at the agency, an overall increase in South Carolina’s workforce, and a 10% cut in employers’ unemployment taxes.

As co-chairman of the committee that oversees the investment of the State’s retirement funds, worth nearly $ 30 billion, I’ve sponsored a Constitutional amendment to tackle an unfunded liability of nearly $ 10 billion. S. 35 unanimously passed the SC Senate, and should soon see action by the SC House.

Our work has its challenges too. We’ve seen liberal Federal Courts redefine the Creator’s definition of marriage. We must continue to protect individual liberty for all including the unborn. We continue to defend the taxpayer against an unquenchable thirst for taxing, borrowing, and spending. Our clear and unbending positions have shaken up the establishment; however, you didn’t send me to Columbia to make friends.  You sent me to be your clear, constant, unwavering voice. I would be honored to continue to be that voice. The liberal advocates of Obamacare, big government, and higher taxes are colluding against us, but together, we can prevail.

We have some exciting news with re-election just around the corner. Congressman Jeff Duncan, one of the few consistent conservatives in Washington, will be present for a BBQ this fall. Details will follow.

As you know, getting out our message is expensive, and you have been very generous in the past. If you would consider a contribution, I would appreciate any amount that is comfortable. Even if not, we’d love have your name on our committee! Click here 

With warmest personal regards,

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Coach Swinney special guest for Palmetto Public Square event

Coach Dabo Swinney to Address Palmetto Family on June 2!

Please hold the evening of Tuesday, June 2. On that night in the historic Seibels House & Gardens in downtown Columbia, Palmetto Family will welcome Coach Dabo Swinney!

Since 2004, our annual Celebrating Families event has featured a variety of speakers, including Coach Ray Tanner, media personalities Michael Medved and Armstrong Williams, Congressmen Mick Mulvaney and Steve Largent, and US Senator Tim Scott. There have also been three debates: President in 2007, Governor in 2010, and US Senate in 2014. This year we plan to honor Coach Swinney and hear more about his life and walk. We will have other special guests as well.

Stay tuned for more about Celebrating Families 2015, but please mark your calendar now so you can join us for a very special evening!

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Rep. Bill Taylor: constitutional carry and SC House update

Gun Debate Results in Constitutional Carry
Dear Friends:
A bill that would allow South Carolina residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit has passed the SC House of Representatives.
Constitutional Carry

The legislation eliminates the requirement that gun owners get a concealed weapons permit (CWP) in order to carry a pistol. The bill tries not to change any other section of state law regarding how an individual can purchase or gun or where they could carry. The locations that are off-limits for concealed carry now would remain so under the bill. It also bans “open carry” – a term used when a legal gun owner wears their gun in a visible location.
Proponents of “Constitutional Carry”, where the gun must be concealed, argued the eight hours of classroom training currently required to get a CWP is not designed as a basic training class to teach people that have never had a firearm in their hands how to shoot a firearm.
The measure now heads to the Senate, where procedural rules make it highly unlikely to pass before this year’s session ends in June. A Senate committee shot down an “open carry” bill last year, but Republicans in the chamber have shown more favor towards concealed carry.
Next week the House will take up legislation that would recognize Georgia CWP holders in SC.  Georgia does not recognize SC citizens who have a license to conceal their weapons;  it’s hoped that passing the bill would push Georgia lawmakers to do the same.
Legislative News in Brief…

Thank a VetGI Bill
The House Education Committee approved legislation allowing veterans to get in-state tuition at SC state colleges and universities as soon as they become residents. Final passage is urgent in order to bring the state in line with a new federal law. If we don’t take final action next week, the federal government won’t allow military veterans in SC access to GI Bill benefits starting July.
Police Body Cameras
A pair of bills on the use of body cameras by police advanced through Senate and House Committees. The bills are very different. The House version crafts a study that would examine those police and sheriff’s departments in SC already using the cameras, while the Senate version would require all law enforcement agencies to have their own regulations in place within nine months.
You’re Fired!
Both the House and Senate want to oust SC State’s Board of Trustees because of the financial turmoil at the school. At issue is who would replace them. The Senate wants a new interim five-member board chosen by legislative leaders, while the House proposal would have members of the Budget and Control Board make the appointments. Yesterday, the House passed what is viewed as compromise: instead of five members, the new SC State board would have seven. It would combine both bills so that each elected official in both versions would pick the new panel.
Flying High
Clemson University received initial permission from the legislative bond committee to buy a private jet to be used primarily for athletic recruiting and fundraising. The cost is an additional $400,000 a year. No taxpayer money is involved. Clemson’s athletic booster group, IPTAY, has committed to pay $4.5 million towards the plane. The school has been chartering the state plane whenever needed. USC already owns its own plane.
Borrowing for Building
A Senate panel approved borrowing $236.7 million for building projects, mostly at SC colleges and technical schools. The Senate bond bill is roughly half the size of a nearly $500 million borrowing proposal defeated last month in the House. The Senate bond bill includes $130.7 million for public colleges and $91 million for technical schools. There are predictions the bond bill could fail on the Senate.
Turkey Hunting Reduced
A bill is on the way to the governor that would decrease the number of male turkeys that can be killed each year from five birds to three. There are warnings that the population of turkeys in SC is declining.
Gassing Animals
The House voted to ban animal shelters from using gas to euthanize animals. Instead, it would require shelters to use what animal protection groups say are more humane methods to put down dogs or cats when the shelter is no longer able to care for the animals. Little would change since the last shelter in SC to use so-called “gas chambers” ended the practice two years ago.

The SC House of Representatives honored the Lady Gamecocks basketball team for their sensational season.  South Carolina finished the regular season ranked No. 3 in the nation in both the AP and USA Today Coaches Poll, the highest finish in program history. South Carolina advanced to its first NCAA Final Four in school history – men’s or women’s. The Gamecocks claimed the program’s first SEC Tournament title AND four-year seniors, Aleighsa Welch and Elem Ibiam make up the most successful senior class in program history with 113 wins and a .813 winning percentage.
Congratulations To:
Teacher of the Year Rosalyn Green 
Teacher of the Year
Rosalyn Green

Rosalyn  Green was named the ‘Teacher of the Year’ of the Aiken County Public Schools. A 7th grade English language arts teacher at Jackson Middle School, Rosalyn said she was shocked by her selection. We’re proud of all the dedicated teachers, and especially each ‘Teacher of the Year’ selected by their peers at each school. They exemplify the best-of-the-best in teaching our children.
Aiken Tech
Aiken Tech as achieved the highest graduate job placement rate in SC, rated above 15 other colleges in the technical system in the state. 2012-13 rating was 96.7% of graduates either finding jobs in their field of study or continuing on in education. Statewide average was 86%. Way to go Aiken Tech!
Volunteers at Aiken Elementary
This morning I took my “State House to School House” tour to East Aiken Elementary School of the Arts. I spoke with 3rd graders about state government.  In addition, I joined a breakfast honoring the many volunteers who assist at the school.  It was a pleasure to present the volunteers recognition and a “Thank You’  from the House of Representatives.

Aiken Elementary 3rd Graders

Principal Lisa Fallaw

I’m Available
It is an honor and a privilege to serve you in Columbia. If you need help navigating state government, or have any thoughts or concerns about what we are doing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In your Service,Bill Taylor



South Carolina General Assembly
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Photo of the Week !

 Even House Speaker Jay Lucas got in the Gamecock autograph action.

EuWe Eugen Wexler US Plastics in Anderson County

EuWe Eugen Wexler US Plastics, Inc. establishing operations in Anderson County

Automotive supplier investing $11.1 million in Upstate plant


COLUMBIA, S.C. – EuWe Eugen Wexler US Plastics, Inc., a subsidiary of the Germany-based EuWe Group, is establishing manufacturing operations in Anderson County. The automotive supplier is investing $11.1 million to open its first U.S. facility in the Upstate of South Carolina. The investment is expected to create 49 new jobs in Anderson, S.C.


Established in 1968 as a supplier of only metal products, the EuWe Group has grown tremendously since its inception. In 1970, the company expanded its production offerings to include plastic parts. Then, in 1993, the EuWe Group established its first international operations with a facility in Mexico. Today, the firm employs more than 1,700 workers in three countries and exclusively supplies the automotive industry. It boasts a client list featuring 10 of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers.


The opening of EuWe’s Anderson County facility will allow the company to better serve its North American customers. Located off of I-85 at Alliance Industrial Park in Anderson, S.C., EuWe’s South Carolina operations will focus on the production of automotive plastic interior parts.


EuWe’s Anderson County operations are expected to reach full-scale production by 2017, with hiring expected to begin in the second quarter of 2016. Those interested in joining the EuWe Group team should visit the company’s jobs page online at Support from the South Carolina Power Team and its partner, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, were instrumental in the project’s recruitment.


For more information on the EuWe Group,




“EuWe is excited to soon start its first operations in the United States. When looking for the right site, we were impressed by the professionalism and also the welcoming demeanor of the people in South Carolina and especially those in Anderson County. As a company that is still managed by its founding family and one that always plans for the future, we believe we’ll find the best employees here in South Carolina to also make this endeavor a success.” –EuWe Eugen Wexler US Plastics, Inc. CEO Markus Gosse 


“Team South Carolina’s focus on taking care of our businesses and their employees is helping our state become a top destination for international companies, like the EuWe Group, that are looking to expand into the United States. This multi-million dollar investment means 49 new jobs for South Carolinians, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the EuWe Group to its new home in Anderson County.” –Gov. Nikki Haley


“The automotive sector continues to drive South Carolina’s economy. Today, we congratulate the EuWe Group on their decision to join the more than 250 automotive-related companies and suppliers that call the Palmetto State home.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt


“Welcome EuWe!  Anderson County is, again, the best location for establishing and expanding businesses.  We offer the best people, education, logistics, beautiful neighborhoods and wonderful cultural, recreational and outdoor opportunities.  Where else can you find all the right ingredients for success in one county? ” –Anderson County Council Member Cindy Wilson, District 7




  • EuWe Eugen Wexler US Plastics, Inc. is establishing operations in Anderson County.
  • $11.1 million investment creating 49 new jobs.
  • EuWe Group was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Germany.
  • The company’s Anderson County facility will be located off of I-85 at Alliance Industrial Park in Anderson, S.C.
  • Those interested in joining the EuWe Group team should visit the company’s jobs page online at




The EuWe Group produces high-tech plastic products for the automotive sector. For more than 40 years, the company has been dedicated to

excellent quality, innovation and customer-oriented flexibility. Included among the EuWe Group’s products are center consoles, pillar trim, trunk

panels, window frames, cladding, door sills, rear vents, engine compartment fairings and more. For more information,




fetal pain bill set for special order in SC Senate

SCCL Letterhead
To: SCCL E-Mail Tree
From: Holly Gatling, Executive Director
Fetal Pain Bill Set for Special Order
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Unborn Pain Bill Gets Special Order in SC Senate 
 ACTION: Call Senators Now

Savannah and Wendy Duke
Call your State Senator Now and ask him or her to pass H 3114, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, with no weakening amendments. 
 On March 18, Savannah testified before the Medical Affair Subcommittee and along with her mother, Wendy Duke, advocated for the lives of all unborn children especially those with disabilities. For detailed information see Mrs. Duke’s blog here.
“I’m sad that the committee passed an amendment that would let someone kill a baby because it is sick or has medical problems” Savannah Duke said after the Medical Affairs Committee action Thursday.
 “That seems really cruel, especially when there’s a chance it can feel the pain of an abortion. But I hope the whole Senate will vote to make abortions after 20 weeks illegal.” Mrs. Duke expressed frustration with the committee. “The amendments allow us to kill a child with medical problems, the most vulnerable of our people.”
COLUMBIA, S.C. (Thursday, April 23, 2015) — The South Carolina Senate on a voice vote set the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H3114) for special order meaning it most likely will be debated and passed by the Senate before adjournment.
 This clears a major hurdle and overrides what is known as a “minority report” on the bill. A minority report is essentially a procedure to keep the Senate from getting to the bill. Special Order, however, is a counter procedure that overrides the block.
 On April 16, 2015, the Senate Medical Affairs Committee advanced a flawed fetal pain bill to the full Senate by a vote of 9-6. South Carolina Citizens for Life supported advancing the bill but opposed the weakening amendment to exclude children diagnosed with disabilities “incompatible with life outside the womb” or children who were conceived in rape or incest.
 The bill, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H3114) acknowledges the scientific finding that unborn children can feel pain by at least the 20th week of life after fertilization and and it in theory protects those children from the savage abortion procedures.
 The wide open rape exception, however, allows women carrying perfectly healthy babies to obtain an abortion at 20 weeks or later simply by claiming she was raped whether she was nor not. The fetal anomaly exclusion discriminates against unborn children with disabilities and ultimately devalues the lives of any disabled person.
 The “fetal anomaly” exclusion was particularly disappointing to Savannah Duke, 14, of Spartanburg who was diagnosed with serious medical problems before birth and was born with one leg. She now is an honor student and member of the Dorman High varsity swim team. See a video of this remarkable teen here.
*You can find the full names and other information about the members of the S.C. Senatehere.  To find the name of your senator and his or her contact information click here and follow the instructions.
View previous SCCL E-Mail Report on the fetal pain bill here,  here and here.
Saving babies’ lives in South Carolina’s most notorious former abortion facility.
Street address: 1411 Barwell St., Suite 3
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Mailing address: P.O. Box 5865, Columbia SC  29250
Phone: 803.252.LIFE (5433) Red Heart Fax: 803.252.3118

Molly Landis: Pharmacists

IMG_4660.JPGMolly Landis is a family friend of mine. She wrote this report and some of her information came from an interview with me and our pharmacy.

Everyone knows that a pharmacist fills prescriptions of medication and provides them for their customers, but their job can get much more complex than this. One can be a community pharmacist or a healthcare pharmacist. A community pharmacist typically advises their customers on dosage of drugs, the side effects, and even distributes over-the–counter medication. In addition to this, some pharmacies choose to do compounding which is the combining of two different meds. A healthcare pharmacist would usually work in a hospital directing the staff concerning different medication and guiding patients before they leave the hospital. If someone chooses to become a pharmacist they can also choose a more specialized field such as focusing mainly on cancer patients or actually producing new drugs.   

The working conditions vary depending on where they work, but several pharmacists spend the majority of their day on their feet and work around forty hours a week. Initially a pharmacist spent a lot of time interacting with customers but now, due to insurance, more time is spent dealing with insurance companies and technicalities in paper work. They also have to deal with irate customers who are mad at their insurance company. After two tears of science related studies in college one can apply to pharmacy school. They then must get a Pharm.D. Degree which takes four years. In the US all pharmacist must have a license. They obtain this by having a Pharm .D. degree and passing the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam). Also the US requires potential pharmacist to pass a test on pharmacy law. The top ten Pharmacy schools in the US are these universities: Ohio State, Purdue, Arizona, San Francisco, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina and Southern California. Great pharmacy schools nearby areUniversity of Georgia, University of South Carolina, and College of Charleston. In 2008 there were 269,900 pharmacists employed

They can acquire a job anywhere in the US, and in many parts of the world. In some other countries they actually have to be extra qualified because they do a greater amount of over-the-counter sales and have to advise their customers more. The job outlook for a pharmacist is supposed to be excellent. One big component of this is because of the demand for medication. New drugs are constantly being developed, individuals are rapidly taking more, and insurance is frequently covering cost. 

In addition medication is becoming more and more complicated so there is need for pharmacists to guide their customers so that dangerous complications don’t take place. The average earnings of a pharmacist are roughly from around 93,000 dollars to 122, 000. However, this changes depending on whether they are independent or not. Also, a relief pharmacist makes about sixty dollars an hour. 

Pharmacy is ninety-five percent math and chemistry so these courses are absolutely necessary to take and excel in in high school. Some other helpful courses would be biology, physics, and various math classes.Pharmacy can be hard and frustrating at times but it is also rewarding and can be used to help others.