Jacob Hall’s Law

jacob-hallI was deeply affected by the tragedy at Townville Elementary this fall. I want to take steps to ensure that we never feel this heartbreak again.

I have filed Jacob Hall’s Law (S.85) to clarify the existing statute that discusses carrying of weapons in public schools. This bill is intended to clarify that school officials may permit school personnel to work with law enforcement to develop training and safety policies. This language is permissive, it is not a mandate, it gives schools the flexibility to develop their safety policies, however, best suits them.

Many concerns have been raised with the bill, including what type of training will there be, who will do the training, where will the weapon be during school hours, and others. My intent with this bill was to open the discussion, to find the best ways to implement this, and improve the bill as it moves through the process.

This bill has been referred to Senate Judiciary Committee and when they meet to discuss the bill anyone can share their insight.

f you would like to hear my interview with WYFF on this bill please click here.