Independent Mail Letter to Editor

I recently discovered that Senator Kevin Bryant is being attacked because of his pharmacy’s business with the State of South Carolina. My wife and I are retired state employee teachers and have chosen Kevin’s pharmacy to meet our healthcare needs for many years. State employees can take their business to any pharmacy in the state, but we choose Kevin’s store because we get excellent service. He takes care of his customers as well as his constituents. Kevin and his wonderful staff treat us just like family.

My wife, Sandra needed a prescription item that was difficult to find, but Kevin’s brother, Craig (who is also a pharmacist) was kind enough to order it for me, and I had my medication the next day. On another occasion, there was a product that we needed that Kevin didn’t have in stock. They were kind enough to call five or six pharmacies to locate the item we needed, even though that meant a sale for another store. I believe having people of different backgrounds in work and business representing us in Columbia is an advantage for the voters.

We have an overabundance of lawyers there. Should we ask them to recuse themselves from any votes that might involve the law? Of course not. I hope we can deal with facts in this campaign rather than insinuations.

Kevin’s pharmacy has no monopoly on the business of state employees, and in Anderson, the retail pharmacy market is very competitive. We could go anywhere, but Kevin’s team goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers. We like having him in Anderson, and we like having him in Columbia.