fact vs. fiction

fact.fictionKevin has a clear, consistent, conservative record: fixing our roads without raising your taxes, defending: life, your 2nd amendment rights, your right to free speech, however, they choose not to attack Kevin’s record.

When they can’t defend their liberal records, they result to personal assaults on one’s character.

Here’s a few clarifications on the most recent attacks:

Fiction: Kevin Bryant has made millions from contracts with the State of South Carolina
Fact: Kevin Bryant and Bryant Pharmacy are approved Medicaid & State Health Plan (state employees’ & retirees’ healthcare) vendors, not exclusive contractors. Bryant Pharmacy serves these patients who can take their business to any pharmacy in town. He’s proud and privileged to have their business.

Fiction: Kevin Bryant opposed Ethics reforms
Fact: Kevin has voted for every ethics bill.

Fiction: Kevin has voted on HHS budget issues to enrich himself.
Fact: Kevin has voted AGAINST all HHS sections in his 12 years of service. Kevin also cosponsored legislation to CUT the reimbursement rate for healthcare vendors. It passed in 2009. Kevin has also voted against every Medicaid expansion proposal (including Obama’s).

Fiction: Kevin has kept over $3m in Medicaid money since 2009
Fact: When filling these prescriptions, the first thing pharmacies do, is turn over 87% to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Then there’s payroll, taxes, utilities, etc. Not much room for profit there.

Big Pharma? That’s another story. Kevin sponsored legislation (and passed) to try generics first, picking a fight with big pharma and saving your tax dollars.

Fiction: Kevin Bryant worked tirelessly to protect the Retirement System Investment Commission that lost billions of the public’s money.
Fact: Kevin Bryant chaired special hearings for two years that led to comprehensive reform legislation passed unanimously by the SC Senate. Those hearings also led to Ethics Charges against one commissioner that are scheduled for adjudication on June 15.