s. 351 registration by party

registration.partyS. 315 is a bill that requires voters to register allegiance to a political party in order to vote in that party’s political nomination. On February 18, 2015, I made a motion to recall S. 315 from the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee and place it on the Senate’s calendar for debate. The motion was tabled by a 33-8 vote. Below is the roll call vote on the tabling motion:

AYES – 33 Alexander, Allen, Bennett, Campsen, Cleary, Coleman, Courson, Fair, Gregory, Grooms, Hayes, Hembree, Hutto, Jackson, Johnson, Kimpson, Lourie, Malloy, Martin(Larry), Massey, McElveen, Nicholson, O’Dell, Pinckney, Rankin, Reese, Sabb, Scott, Setzler, Shealy, Sheheen, Williams

NAYS – 8 Bright, Bryant, Corbin, Davis, Martin (Shane), Thurmond, Turner, Young

EXCUSED ABSENCE – 3 Campbell, Peeler, Verdin