Duncan/Mulvaney: refugee program a high risk

duncan.mulvaneyS. 997 received a favorable report today in the committee I chair, the South Carolina Senate General Committee. The vote was 9-3 with a “minority report”. A minority report placed the bill on the Senate contested calendar. This means that it will not be up for debate unless the Senate places it on “special order”. With all the important problems we have in South Carolina, the refugee is a crisis.

S. 997 was amended to do 3 things:

1-Require the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) to coordinate with the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), passing along refugee enrollees information. Currently, the Federal Government is not releasing any information to SLED.

2-Give service organizations that sponsor refugees civil liabilities. These organizations currently have the ability to deny refugees and/or further screen them. The committee saw it fit to hold these organizations responsible for any crime or act of terror of an individual they sponsor.

3-Prohibit any South Carolina funds from being spent to assist the Federal Refugee program except for information gathering.

Congressmen Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney were present on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 to testify and warn the Senate of the dangers that exist. There is no screening process in place that can prevent terrorist sympathizers from “slipping through the cracks” in this program. ISIS and other jihadists have declared they will infiltrate these refugee programs.

Click here if you’d like to watch the hearing. click on “Wednesday, January 27, 2016  9:00 am
Senate General Committee — General Committee” on your left.

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