Duncan on refugees

I wanted to take a moment to update you on work I’ve been doing related to the refugee resettlement issue. Last week, the Senate took up the House passed legislation that would effectively pause the refugee resettlement program. My opinion has been that this legislation (the SAFE Act) is a good first step, but not the final solution. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats successfully filibustered this compromise bill that managed to get a veto-proof bipartisan majority in the House. This just how disconnected from reality some Washington politicians can be.
Fortunately, there are many who understand the issue. In case you missed it, I’m attaching a copy of a joint op-ed that I wrote with Senator Ted Cruz that ran in Sunday’s Greenville News about the refugee resettlement issue. Please read it and send me your feedback.
I also wanted to make sure you knew that I had the chance to travel to Columbia on Wednesday to testify before the South Carolina Senate on the refugee resettlement issue along with my friend and colleague Congressman Mick Mulvaney. It was a historic hearing focused on what SC can do to address the refugee concern, and I am appreciative of State Senator Kevin Bryant both for the invitation and making this issue such a priority. I will pass along video of that hearing when it becomes available.