Duncan on ressettlement

Friends,I am getting a lot of criticism from outside South Carolina for wanting our nation to hit pause with regard to the refugee resettlement program for Syria and other countries with known radical Islamic terrorist cells.

I am charged with a responsibility to defend the nation and our Constitution. I am on two House Committees with jurisdiction in this area: Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs.

I have been told on the record, in response to the questions I asked for South Carolinians, by the Director of FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security, that we cannot properly vet the backgrounds or identities of refugees coming from Syria due to the lack of documentation, destroyed records after three years of civil war and the mass theft of documents in Syria which are now being used for falsified identities by many migrants heading into Europe.
As a Christian, I have compassion and sympathy for these refugees. I visited with many in a refugee camp holding 120,000 in Jordan.
But compassion cuts two ways. We should also be cognizant of the compassion we should show our fellow citizens here in America. That compassion is exemplified by using commonsense in addressing the national security concerns our nation faces. Our compassion should be, too, to make sure, to the best of our abilities that no harm comes to our fellow countrymen. We should do everything to make sure that elements of evil are not introduced, due to our compassionate hearts, into the neighborhoods, towns, cities and states of our great Nation.
I owe that to you, my fellow Americans.

Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan is from Laurens, South Carolina and serves as the Congressman for the Third Congressional District. Jeff has been recognized as a defender of the Constitution, a fiscal conservative champion, and a protector of family values. Jeff is married to his high school sweetheart Melody, and they have three boys.