Resettlement: letter to Gov. Haley

November 16, 2015paris.attack
The Honorable Nikki R. Haley
Office of the Governor
1205 Pendleton Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Dear Governor Haley,
The citizens of Spartanburg County pleaded with you back in the Spring to halt the influx of unknown and unaccountable strangers into their community. The promises of the Obama Administration that it had vetted these individuals probably mirrored those given by the European Union to Parisians–and see where we are now. We simply cannot welcome potential terrorists as “refugees” from jihadist strongholds in the Middle East and Africa. Your record of support for this program must end–today.
I again join my colleagues in the General Assembly and implore you to cancel the agreement that you and the South Carolina Department of Social Services have made with third party groups to provide shelter to these potential terrorists. Your first duty is to South Carolina and her citizens. Please do not fail them.
Sincerely, Kevin L. Bryant, SC Senate District 3
To see the actual letter, please click here: 2015.11.16.haley.resettlement