re-elect Senator Shealy

Friends and Neighbors,

Serving you and our great state in the South Carolina Senate has been one of my life’s greatest fulfillments.

From saving taxpayers hard-earned money to protecting our community’s most vulnerable to assisting our veterans and elderly – I have worked hard to make our state a better place to live, work, and raise our families.
None of these accomplishments would have been possible without your help.
You believed in me and our message of smaller, more efficient, and more effective government. You assisted my campaign by spreading my message, doing door knocks, making phone calls and putting signs up. You helped further by making financial donations to ensure we had the resources necessary to win.
Your bold risk yielded an amazing return: a crushing defeat to the good-old boy system that halted progress in the Legislature. I am eternally grateful for the chance you took on me.
Because of you – I helped usher in real reforms that made our state more business-friendly, our government more accountable, and our elections more secure.
Because of you – I worked to pass a balanced budget that cuts wasteful government spending, devotes more to our classrooms, and increases job-recruitment efforts.
Because of you – I assisted my colleagues in toughening the penalties of criminals who commit domestic violence upon our neighbors.
While I am proud of these accomplishments, I know that more work is needed to make our state truly prosper.
That is why I announced earlier this month that I am seeking re-election to the State Senate in 2016.
I want to fight child abuse and neglect, eliminate the state income tax, and improve our education system. But I cannot accomplish these goals without your continued support.
Your financial support of $20.16 or more today will help us establish the groundwork needed to prepare for the election only a few, short months away.
Your financial support of $20.16 or more today will help us show potential opponents that we have a grassroots team across the district, state and nation committed to win in 2016.
And, your financial support of $20.16 or more today will help us reach our campaign’s goal for the reporting quarter that ends at 11:59 PM tomorrow.
State law allows an individual and/or a business to donate a maximum contribution of $1,000 per election cycle. If you can give the maximum, I humbly ask you to do so. If not, I ask that you please make a secure, online donation of $20.16 or as much as you can today.
Our election may be right around the corner, but we are working hard now to ensure victory. Please continue to support our efforts by making a secure online donation today.
Thanks again for your belief in me. Together, we will win again in 2016!
Katrina Shealy

State Senator, South Carolina Senate District 23

Shealy for Senate

P. O. Box 503
Lexington, SC. 29071
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