Planned Parenthood investigate: open letter to AG Alan Wilson

letterheadThe Honorable Alan M. Wilson
Attorney General, State of South Carolina
Post Office Box 11549
Columbia, South Carolina 29211

RE: Harvesting of Fetal Body Parts

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

Thank you for your recent pledge to ensure that SLED investigates any complaints of criminal activity regarding profiteering by South Carolina abortion mills.  I am disappointed to learn of a fifth undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress discussing the gruesome, inhumane work of Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood funded facilities.  It appears they are altering abortion procedures to obtain intact fetal cadavers and profiting through selling the body parts of aborted babies.

I ask that you immediately initiate a criminal investigation into the sale and purchase of human body parts or the harvesting of fetal tissue for medical research or other reasons.  Please inform me of the number of complaints that you have received to date, along with contact information I may provide my constituents in order that they may report such criminal activity.  Please also inform me of what assets your office is deploying to ensure that recently killed children are not subject to the trafficking of their body parts. I want to ensure this kind of disgusting business is not taking place anywhere in South Carolina. You have made human trafficking a very public priority, and, I trust that this is a priority for you.  I appreciate your focus on this truly horrific crime. Thank you for your timely consideration.

With personal regards, I remain






Senator Kevin L. Bryant, SC Senatorial District 3