continuing resolution mess

I voted for the budget as it was constructed in the Senate, and I support it now. I especially support the Senate version of Proviso 118.14 which was crafted by the chairman, and sends the majority of unobligated surplus to local roads. It was adopted 45-0, and the roll of the Senate was applied. The position of the Senate is clear and right–FUND THE ROADS.

The House obviously has other priorities. This proviso traditionally is the mechanism for appropriating the surplus, and the introduction of a new bill by the House is nothing but a red herring to divert attention from their refusal to act upon the budget, and this proviso, for three weeks. They have played a shameful game of chicken that has put us in this position. 

I urge the Senate to remain firmly committed to the Senate version of Proviso 118.14 and send nearly $300m to local roads and bridges. The House can explain why our roads no longer are a priority to them, and good luck with that.