dew debt presser remarks

Thank you Governor and thank you Director Stanton. You’ve heard all of the facts and data points concerning this incredibly important achievement, and so I’d like to speak briefly about some of the people who made this moment possible. wo chairmen of the Senate Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee have been invaluable in pressing the General Assembly to deal with this problem in the manner that got us here today. 

Senator Ryberg led the total overhaul of this agency. Chairman Alexander is currently maintaining a focus and scrutiny on the agency. Others such as Senator Lee Bright who successfully fought to deny benefits to those fired for cause to 

Representative Bingham who helped refine and solidify the Unemployment tax rate system. oday is a culmination of those efforts, and they should be commended. I just appreciate them and the other leaders here for allowing me to help them make it happen. 

 I also want to take a moment to thank the person who has the day to day task of making it work, DEW Director Cheryl Stanton. Governor, I trust that you agree with me that we have no finer agency head in South Carolina. 

DEW experienced some stops and starts after the reforms of 2010, but once Director Stanton took charge, DEW began to execute its mission as a workforce development agency and not just as a check distribution agency, as was the past. It simply illustrates that leadership is the key to almost any success, especially here in Columbia, and we wouldn’t be here without the leadership of Director Stanton. 

Director Stanton and I share a hatred of debt. We often hear politicians say that savings can be found by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse. We’ve done that. We often hear politicians say that we shouldn’t abuse the public credit card. Well, she paid off the credit card, and then she shred it. Director Stanton, most of all, put into practice the words of Senator Jim DeMint who said, “We can’t just keep paying people to not work:”