pick pocket roads funding

pick.pocketBeen getting a lot of phone calls and e-mails about the proposed gas tax hike before the Senate. I will oppose an increase in the gas tax today, tomorrow and forever, or at least until the SCDOT wins the national public agency of the year award for fiscal efficiency and customer service–and I expect forever to come first. You might be encouraged to know that I am co-sponsoring an amendment currently on the Senate floor to move another $47m (on top of $135m appropriated in the annual budget) of money that we gas.taxhave on hand to REPAIR AND MAINTAIN our existing roads. Senator Tom Davis will be speaking about this amendment today on the Senate floor in an effort to educate others about our ability to pay for better roads with the money that we have instead of raising taxes on you or future generations by raising the debt ceiling. I believe that we are turning the tide on this argument, and I appreciate your support.