Pastors support fetal pain bill filibuster

Monday, May 18, 2015
For Immediate Release

FROM: The South Carolina Pastors Alliance
TO: All Print and Social Media
RE: SC State Senator Lee Bright Filibuster over 20-week Fetal Pain Ban 

The South Carolina Pastors Alliance, a network of over 500 pastors united together to influence public policy in matters of faith, family and freedom, is supporting pro-life Senator Lee Bright’s principled stand to filibuster the 20-week Fetal Pain Ban. Senator Bright has been a consistent and stalwart advocate for the pre-born and this is a prime example of his commitment. 

“While other so-called pro-life GOP senators look for ways to accommodate exceptions to abortions, Senator Lee Bright takes the courageous position of defending life at any cost. His recent filibuster demonstrates his unwavering commitment to protecting all the unborn despite opposition even from his own party. I support Senator Bright’s inspiring determination to abolish abortion.”
– Pastor Mike Gonzalez, Midlands Director and Incoming Executive Director, SCPA

While Senator Bright has already issued a carefully articulated position on why this bill is bad for the pre-born, the SCPA also has concerns of its own.

“The 20 week Fetal Pain Bill has three very real problems that should concern every conservative Christian. In fact, it has caused some of us in the pro-life movement to wonder if this is a step forward or backward. First, it has attached to it “exception” amendments which ostensibly removes the potential lives that may be saved. Second, it is being supported by one of the most pro-abortion senators in the state which begs the question, “why?” Third, it offers a legal declaration concerning pain thresholds of a pre-born baby which might actually increase the gestation period acceptable to abortion providers. All of these reasons provide enough concern to warrant Senator Bright’s courageous stand. We at the SCPA stand with him in abolishing abortion and in opposition to his own party who claims to be pro-life.” 
– Dr. Kevin Baird, Executive Director SCPA and incoming Director of the National Association of Pastors Alliances