Please join the “Bryant for Senate” Committee 4
Dear Friends,

I sincerely appreciate your support since the beginning of my public service. Because of your help, we’ve been able to carry our positive message of reform to Columbia. As 2015.05.03.window.sticker 3the next campaign nears, I’m asking if you would consider being on the “Bryant for Senate Committee”. If so, please click here. Would you consider displaying our new and improved window sticker on your car? They look so much better, don’t you think? If you’d like one click here.

As chairman of the committee that oversees the Department of Employment and Workforce, we’ve witnessed the elimination of $ 1 billion in debt owed to the federal government, a new culture of work first at the agency, an overall increase in South Carolina’s workforce, and a 10% cut in employers’ unemployment taxes.

As co-chairman of the committee that oversees the investment of the State’s retirement funds, worth nearly $ 30 billion, I’ve sponsored a Constitutional amendment to tackle an unfunded liability of nearly $ 10 billion. S. 35 unanimously passed the SC Senate, and should soon see action by the SC House.

Our work has its challenges too. We’ve seen liberal Federal Courts redefine the Creator’s definition of marriage. We must continue to protect individual liberty for all including the unborn. We continue to defend the taxpayer against an unquenchable thirst for taxing, borrowing, and spending. Our clear and unbending positions have shaken up the establishment; however, you didn’t send me to Columbia to make friends.  You sent me to be your clear, constant, unwavering voice. I would be honored to continue to be that voice. The liberal advocates of Obamacare, big government, and higher taxes are colluding against us, but together, we can prevail.

We have some exciting news with re-election just around the corner. Congressman Jeff Duncan, one of the few consistent conservatives in Washington, will be present for a BBQ this fall. Details will follow.

As you know, getting out our message is expensive, and you have been very generous in the past. If you would consider a contribution, I would appreciate any amount that is comfortable. Even if not, we’d love have your name on our committee! Click here 

With warmest personal regards,

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