The Palmetto Panel 04.18.2015

It is a privilege for High Frontier Chairman, Ambassador Henry (Hank) Cooper to speak at the Palmetto Panel next weekend, Saturday April 18th at the Madren Conference Center, on the campus of his Alma mater, Clemson University.

Hank will continue discussing the solutions which exist to our electric grid vulnerabilities and specifically how South Carolina can and should lead our nation both in solving the overall problem, as well as harnessing our nuclear energy to help bring the electric grid for the rest of the state and country back up, in the event we don’t harden the overall grid on time, but do harden the cooling systems of our four existing nuclear power plants.

High Frontier commends the tremendous work of this citizen led conference, The Palmetto Panel. As you have read multiple times from Hank in the last few years – Washington is badly broken on most issues – and it is citizen led groups like this, working to provide solutions on a wide range of issues AT THE STATE LEVEL, which give us hope. The solutions truly will come from the grassroots, and work their way up!

We hope you will join us next Saturday – and encourage you to share this information with your sphere of influence who live in South Carolina. Please click here to R.S.V.P. or to see event details. To follow, in alphabetical order, are all the presenters – and the subjects they will be discussing:

Talbert Black – Mr. Black is the founder of Palmetto Liberty PAC and will provide an overview of issues at the State Level

State Senator Lee Bright – Senator Bright will be discussing three key issues: American Laws for American Courts legislation, Registration by Party legislation and the Conflict of Interest that exists when the State Senate appoints South Carolina Judges.

State Senator Kevin Bryant – Senator Bryant will be discussing School Choice Legislation and The Healthcare Freedom Act.

Ambassador Henry Cooper – Ambassador Cooper is the Chairman of High Frontier and will be discussing solutions to Securing our Electric Grid.

SC U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan – Congressman Duncan will be discussing the importance of Off Shore Drilling, and what that would do for the economy of South Carolina.

Sheri Few – Ms. Few is the President and CEO of SC Parents Involved in Education. She will be discussing two issues: Common Core and the Refugee Resettlement Program taking place in South Carolina.

SC Representative Jonathon Hill – Representative Hill is a freshman representative and he will be discussing what life is like for the freshman legislator and what it is like running for office.

Ashley Landess – Ms. Landess is the President of the South Carolina Policy Council. She will be discussing 8 points necessary to make South Carolina the freest state in the country.

Emery McClendon – Mr. McClendon is a board member of Project 21, and a nationally known Conservative activist. He will be discussing the importance of strengthening citizen engagement at the state level.

Kurt Potter – Mr. Potter is a Founding Member of the Center for Self Governance. He will be discussing the work the Center for Self Governance is doing and the training of citizen activists they offer.

Alex Saitta – Mr. Saitta is a member of the Pickens County School Board, and he will be discussing his journey of exposing the truth about the funding of our schools at the county level.

Thom Shea – Mr. Shea is a retired Navy Seal and is currently the CEO of Adamantine Alliance. He will be providing an inspirational message “Never Give Up!”

Dan Tripp – Mr. Trip is the Founder of Ground Game Strategies. He will be discussing the Healthcare Compact – which is a program encouraging states to contract together to move medical decisions back to the state level.

Ellen Weaver – Ms. Weaver is the President of Palmetto Policy Forum and she will be providing an overview of the issues effecting South Carolina.

We look forward to seeing many of our South Carolina friends at this timely and critical event next weekend, and again, we would appreciate you forwarding this to your sphere of influence living inside South Carolina.

Blessings, Scott Cooper

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