S. 371 medication errors

healthcareS. 371 was in response to the death of a mitochondrial child that died from complications initiated by a morphine overdose. S. 371 is in the introduction stage and must be amended to include language such as “causing the death of a patient” and even then, there must be evidence of gross negligence. If the bill gets a hearing, it will certainly be amended to apply to very extreme cases.

We need to remember that bills introduced will have an open public hearing in the appropriate legislative sub-committee, in this case the Senate Medical Affairs Committee. If it passes the sub-committee it goes before the full Committee, then the full SC Senate. If the Senate approves it, the bill would take the same route in the SC House starting at the sub-committee level. If the legislation passes the House and Senate and has differences, the bill goes to a conference committee (3 Senate members & 3 House members) to negotiate the differences between the 2 versions. A conference report must go back to each body for approval before going to the Governor’s desk for a veto or signature.

The Senate Medical Affairs Committee has not had a public hearing on S. 371, but I assure you, we’ll keep you up to date.