Gov. Haley: no more debt

Friend,  We need your help.  

Call your legislator. Tell them to say NO to more debt.

Here’s what I mean:

A week and a half ago, at the 13th hour, with little or no debate, the House Finance Committee dropped a plan to force a half-billion dollars of debt on the people of South Carolina.  

That’s right, $500 million in new debt. 

The South Carolina I know has taken pride in fighting to be low-tax and low-debt.  We have endured billion-dollar budget cuts, tightened our belt, focused on fixing the economy, and as a result have added over 60,000 jobs since the start of this administration.

Together, we’ve been smart – and it’s getting real results. 

We’re about to pay off the billion dollars we borrowed from the federal government during the recession five full months early, saving our taxpayers millions of dollars.  And we’ve increased our rainy day fund so much that in the budget I released in January South Carolina will have twice the General Reserve funds we did when I took office. 

But for some reason the House budget writers are straying from the path of fiscal responsibility that has served us so well. 

And worse, we have heard members of the Senate openly talking about how this is just the beginning, how they plan to increase the new debt you will be saddled with to as much as $1 billion.

The good news is they haven’t done it yet.  We still have a chance to stop this closed-door, last-minute process to pass a budget that massively hikes our state’s spending and our people’s debt. 

But like I said, we need your help. 

So here’s the call to action.  Call your legislator.  Tell them to say NO to more debt.

Make your voice heard.  It will make all the difference in the world.  

My Very Best,  



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