message from Gov. Haley

IMG_4412.JPGfyi: The amendment Gov. Haley is referring to was an opportunity to pass registration by party. Also, S. 1 contains language that suppresses free speech. Click here, here, and here to see my thoughts on restricting your 1st amendment rights.

from Gov. Haley:
Yesterday was a sad day for the South Carolina Republican Party.

Eight of our Republican Senators voted to kill true ethics reform, and to keep in place our current, corrupt system of legislators investigating legislators. It’s shameful.

The good news is we still have time to change it.

But we need your help, and the help of all the good, real Republicans across South Carolina.

Please make sure every Republican knows the name of these eight Senators:

Senator Lee Bright (803)
Senator Kevin Bryant: (803) 212-6320
Senator Paul Campbell (803) 212-6016
Senator Ray Cleary (803)
Senator Tom Corbin (803)
Senator Hugh Leatherman (803) 212-6640
Senator Shane Martin (803)
Senator Luke Rankin (803)

And please make sure they reach out and ask them this: what have they been doing that makes them fight so hard to cover up their actions? What are they scared of? We all deserve to know.

There is no acceptable excuse. My very best, Nikki