it’s only a penny…

tax.burdenLet’s follow Spartanburg’s lead in November. Let’s kill S. 940! Vote “no” on local option sales tax referendums.

This spring, conservatives tried our best to kill a $1,736,830,485 tax hike. After 5 attempts,  the 6th motion received the 23 votes necessary to end a filibuster. The government grab-it rabbit is after you!

S. 940 is a bill that enables tax increase referendums for school construction in 14 counties in South Carolina. If passed, Anderson taxpayers will fork up $250 million.

It’s just a penny? Pennies ad up! This penny is $1,736,830,485. This money taken out of the pockets of consumers will prevent growth in our economy. It is a further intrusion on the freedom of the taxpayer to spend his/her own money as they sit fit. Additionally, sales tax hikes injure seniors and low income South Carolinians most.

Here’s how these pennies will ad up: Aiken $180,388,530.00, Cherokee $69,518,160.00, Chesterfield $21,247,140.00, Clarendon $22,870,830.00, Darlington $53,825,220.00, Dillon $25,220,370.00, Jasper $53,886,945.00, Lexington $523,447,560.00, Marlboro $15,562,125.00, Beaufort $372,605,280.00, Georgetown $94,071,615.00, Anderson $250,271,220.00, Kershaw $53,915,490.00=$1,736,830,485.00