Congratulations Spartanburg taxpayers!

taxed.enough.alreadyBryant calls action “exciting victory”.

Anderson, SC – September 15, 2014 –Senator Kevin Bryant issued the following statement on Spartanburg School District 5 taxpayers’ rejection of $71 million tax increase and the pending vote in November on Anderson County’s proposed $250 million tax increase.

S.940 allows certain counties to impose a one-cent sales tax in addition to the taxes taxpayers already pay. Senator Bryant said that, “Your state government now is encouraging your local government to nickel and dime the taxpayers. But, unfortunately, the buck getting passed is yours.” Late last year, Senator Bryant unsuccessfully filibustered S.940 in hopes of preventing local taxpayers from the onslaught of another political campaign, but he was silenced by the advocates of higher taxes. Spartanburg District 5, however, fought off the “tax you first” crowd and Bryant is calling on Anderson County taxpayers to do the same.

“Congratulations to the tax payers in Spartanburg County for your victory. Let’s work together in Anderson County to oppose the $250 million tax increase in November”. Bryant said. “The voters in Spartanburg realized that a $71m tax hike not only is unaffordable but also likely will be wasted just like the money they send to Columbia in the first place. Let’s hope the rest of the counties with tax increases on their ballots will reject the rest of the $1.7 billion tax hike”.