What do we do about the Middle East?

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Shalom Concord Community Church ,
The world seems to be in uproar and yet at the same time the Kingdom of God is expanding. It seems like a paradox but this is the battle that we are all fighting. It is the battle of the impending Kingdom of God vs. the principalities of darkness from Ephesians. Fortunately, I have read the last chapter of Revelation, God and those who follow Jesus are victorious.

While we were directing a camp for Jewish kids ages 8-16, the conflict erupted in Israel. In the past 2.5 weeks, around 2,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza after three Israelis were murdered by Arabs in the West Bank, and 1 Arab boy was murdered by Jewish extremists in Israel. Death is death and God does not rejoice at this.

So what do we do in reaction to what is happening. For us, we have friends who are in the army, who have been called up for reserve duty who are working to keep Israel safe for its citizens, both Jewish and Arab. So this hits close to home for us. 13 Israeli soldiers died in the past two days defending their country. Please understand that I do not vouch for everything that the government of Israel does but I still believe in God’s promises regarding His promised land and I believe there is a lot more right on the side of the Israelis than on the other.

Meanwhile around the world and in the United States, anti-antisemitism is on the rise and is playing out in violent ways. It is particularly bad in France and as a result many of the French Jews are leaving the country for safety concerns. Please read more in my friend Olivier’s Website http://www.newantisemitism.com/

It is simple, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and we are to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem (Isaiah 62:6). As violence began to shatter Israel during our kids camp, I took one of the morning worship times as an opportunity to teach them that as Jewish people and believers in God’s word, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem! I suggest you read these short passages also.

I encourage you to to join us in praying the following:
That the Lord would protect Israelis from the rockets and the innocent Arabs who are being used by their own people
That the world would see this for what it really is, a blatant attempt and gaining sympathy by Hamas, a terror group
That it would be wrapped up quickly
Please take a look at the following links to see what is really going on in Israel and to Jewish people:

The videos of The Israel Project are incredibly informative:

Antisemitism on the rise:

The use of human shields by the mouth of Hamas:

In Messiah,
Ryan and Jessica and BenZion Karp

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