a $1,736,830,485 tax hike needs a veto

debtOn Thursday June 19th, conservatives tried our best to kill a $1,736,830,485 tax hike. I took the floor at 10:15am to try to persuade my colleagues that South Carolina simply can’t afford a new tax increase. After 5 motions for cloture, the 6th motion received the 23 votes necessary to end a filibuster at 3:26 pm. The government grab-it rabbit is after you!

S. 940 is a bill that enables tax increase referendums for school construction in 14 counties in South Carolina. If passed, Anderson taxpayers will fork up $206 million.

Why not let the people decide? The voters of Senate district 3 voted in 2004, 2008, & 2012 on the promise of no tax increases. Well, I’ve made a commitment to the constituents I represent that I’d not only vote against any tax increase, I would do everything possible to prevent one. Another reason is that these referendum campaigns will be funded by special interests that will profit from the construction. It simply puts the taxpayer campaigning against its own government from taking more of their money.

It’s just a penny? Pennies ad up! This penny is $1,736,830,485. This money taken out of the pockets of consumers will prevent growth in our economy. It is a further intrusion on the freedom of the taxpayer to spend his/her own money as they sit fit. Additionally, sales tax hikes injure seniors and low income South Carolinians most.

If only we could’ve held on for 2 more hours, the taxpayer’s wallet could have been protected. Eventually, there may be a $1,736,830,485 shock to your wallet.

A comment by a district representative during their victory lap was: “Sadly, sometimes one lone dissenter can cause trouble for the masses”. Maybe it was a poor choice of words, but this rhetoric sound kind of elitist don’t you think?

Hopefully, the Governor Haley will veto this well intentioned, yet bad piece of legislation. Click here to contact the Governor’s Office.