Meka Childs for Education Superintendent

I am proud to endorse Meka Childs for State Superintendent of Education. Meka, years before the outrage we see now, voted AGAINST the adoption of the Common Core Standards while she served on the Education Oversight Committee in 2010. She knew then and she knows now that education is an issue best addressed by parents, teachers, and local leadership, not bureaucrats in Washington. Her dedication to ensuring South Carolina standards for South Carolina students is unquestionable.

Meka’s steadfast commitment to empowering parents to make effective educational decisions for their children by allowing true educational freedom and real school choice is a voice of reason in this election that we desperately need. I have no doubt that with Meka leading the Department of Education, every child that receives a diploma in South Carolina will be ready for work or college, and citizenship.

Meka has my full support and I will do all I can to ensure her victory in the June 10th primary. Read more about Meka Child’s campaign here.