s.1100 exempts business officers from ui taxes and benefits

tax-cutsDear SC Business Owners,

I am pleased to report that yesterday our Bill S1100 was vote upon favorably by the Senate! Perhaps favorably is not the word….41 Ayes and 0 Nays!! We also picked up another sponsor in Tom Young, (R, Aiken.) He joined our bill champion and fellow business owner Kevin Bryant, (R, Anderson) and Vincent Sheheen (D, Camden.) You did it!!! You made this happen!

S1100 will now move to the SC House for approval. I have been on the phone for days in anticipation of this with house members. I need your help with this. Everyone that I have talked to has been in favor of this bill; but I have not been able to talk to everyone. Please call or email house members now. You can find their information at http://www.scstatehouse.gov/ Then, go to the House of Representatives tab. Call yours as well as all of the others on this list. Things are looking very, very good; but we can’t stop with the push and take anything for granted!

Deedee Vaughters
President, SC Business Owners Association