s.1100 Unemployment tax exemption for business owners

tax-cutsSC Business Owners,
S1100 is now in committee. As a refresher, S1100 is the bill which allows business owners to opt out of having to pay unemployment tax on themselves. Thanks to Senator Kevin Bryant, from Anderson for his leadership on this issue. It appears that he has also been able to gain bi-partisan support on this in that Senator Vincent Sheheen as joined on as a co-sponsor! This means that the likelihood of this happening is quite real!!
The bill is on the agenda for the Senate Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee meeting tomorrow. It is now time for action!! Please call or email the committee members and ask that they support S1100!
The committee members are listed below and their contact info is at http://www.scstatehouse.gov/ under Senate. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!! FINALLY A BILL THAT BENEFIT BUSINESS OWNERS!
President, SC Business Owners Association Deedee Vaughters