Anderson County Fire Commissioners

firefighterMy colleagues on the Anderson County Legislative Delegation and my phones have been ringing off the hook from the fine volunteers on the Anderson County Fire Stations across Anderson County. I want to stress I have not been happy with some of the actions made by the commission. They own several vehicles for their employees personal use and they spend too much on traveling to conventions at high dollar hotels at the beach. These expenses don’t put out fires or buy equipment for our volunteer firemen. What can I do? Only two things:

1-The delegation votes on the budget of the Commission every year. I’ve been voting against these budgets in the last few years, but so far the majority supports their budgets.

2-Vote for members of the commission. Governor Haley appoints Commissioners by nomination by the delegation.

I appreciate all the passion to reform the practices of the commission, but I’ve encouraged my friends to direct all this energy to recruiting a slate of candidates committed to a common set of reforms, or pressuring any incumbent to support these reforms. My suggestions would be simple:

1-Sell all vehicles that are not fire trucks
2-Delete all travel expenses
3-Use all these funds to purchase fire fighting equipment

Below is the current make up of the Anderson County Fire Commission:


Appointed by the Governor upon recommendation of the Legislative Delegation for a four (4) year term, the dates of their term expiration, and the district they represent.

Mr. Glenn G. Holliday, 07-07-2014, School Dist. 1
Mr. Gerald Hanks, 07-07-2016, School Dist. 2
Mr. Stephen Sorensen, 07-07-2014, School Dist. 3
Mr. Preston Cox, 07-07-2014, School Dist. 4
Mr. Willard W. Wiles, 07-07-2016, School Dist. 5