front porch swing

annThe Front Porch Swing By: Ann Barinowski Bryant

From the front porch swing you would look out and see barefoot boys dressed with pots for helmets and sticks as swords. They marched with dignity fighting their country’s foes. Full of valor, bravery, and honor. Marching together for a country of freedom. Responsible to defend for God and country.

The front porch swing with long talks and life discussed with those who had gone before. Time spent with neighbors and friends. Time a lone in devotion to the One who gives wisdom. Time with a husband strong and true.

The front porch swing is gone. Replaced with fast pace gatherings of meaningless talks. Self motivated sport activities with the hope of making it big, having lots of money and fame. Gadgets galore to keep from boredom.

Perhaps families and country would be better if we brought back the front porch swing.