Korea P.O.W.

pow.korea.funchessI was fortunate to meet a great American Hero recently, Mr. William H. Funchess, and was presented an autographed copy of “Korea P.O.W.”.

Here’s an exerpt from his book. On page 43, titled “Pocket Bible,” he talks about how he utilized his faith to help boost morale in P.O.W.’s around him in the camp:

“I told the men in the room I had a Bible and asked if they wanted me to read to them. All of them answered in the affirmative but told me to be careful because the guards might catch us. We knew most Communists were atheists and we were unsure what their reaction might be.

I had never been much of a student of the Bible but I recalled the 23rd Psalm provided inspiration in times of trouble. I read it aloud and one of the wounded men asked me to read it again, so I did.

I asked the men if they wanted to take turns reading to the group but they insisted I continue reading since the room was so dark and I was nearest the window. I started at the beginning of the Bible and read one chapter. After a few hours I read another chapter. I kept it up as long as I was in the room. It gave all of us a feeling of comfort in the strange land so far away from home.”