Id monitoring? attendre, vente, wachten, WAIT!

Company-logoIf you’ve received an e-mail from Experian asking you to renew your coverage, don’t do it. As we near the anniversary of the greatest ID theft in SC’s history, the Budget and Control Board is currently renewing bids for continuing ID monitoring that your tax dollars have been budgeted for. These negotiations should be final by the end of September, 2013. It is too early to know exactly what will be covered by the new contract but it is safe to say the contract will provide equal if not greater coverage than the previous one with Experian. This service will have expanded services beyond the current coverage offered by Experian. You may want additional services, however, I would suggest you wait until this contract is finalized before purchasing anything.SCDOR-renew

You may recall, I questioned this $12 million fast track to purchase coverage. We gave a company a database with millions of potential customers to market services to. Why didn’t they pay us was my question. Unfortunately, I was right. Stay tuned.