hunting guidelines: Army Corps of Engineers memo

deerbaitingAnother memo from the Lake Hartwell Association:
For Immediate Release:
August 26, 2013
News Release No. 13-29
Hartwell Lake recreation areas open to hunters
SAVANNAH, Ga. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Hartwell Lake Office will open 15 of its larger recreation areas to archery hunters and small game hunters during the regular 2013-2014 state hunting season. These areas include:
– South Carolina River, Anderson County, S.C. (125 acres)
– Glenn Ferry Park, Anderson County, S.C. (211 acres)
– Weldon Island Park, Anderson County, S.C. (138 acres)
– Apple Island Park, Anderson County, S.C. (107 acres)
– Asbury Park, Anderson County, S.C. (27 acres)
– Denver Park, Anderson County, S.C. (19 acres)
– Townville Park, Anderson County, S.C. (23 acres)
– River Forks Park, Anderson County, S.C. (182 acres), No hunting in closed portion of the recreation area.
– Camp Creek Park, Anderson County, S.C. (48 acres)
– Martin Creek Park, Oconee County, S.C. (60 acres)
– Choestoea Park, Oconee County, S.C. (369 acres)
– Paynes Creek Park, Hart County, Ga. (399 acres)
– Hartwell Dam Quarry Area, Hart County, Ga. (410 acres)
– New Prospect Park, Hart County, Ga. (34 acres)
– Jenkins Ferry Park, Stephens County, Ga. (31 acres)

The Hartwell Dam Quarry and South Carolina River areas are restricted to archery equipment only and a permit is required, which is available at no cost from the Corps’ Hartwell Lake Office. Hunting regulations, license requirements, and seasons set by the Georgia and South Carolina Departments of Natural Resources, will apply. Information on regulations is available from state wildlife offices.

Small game hunting is allowed in all areas listed above, but only after the deer and turkey season closes. Hunting for small game is restricted to shotgun only with No. 4 shot or smaller. Hunting for deer and turkey is restricted to archery equipment only – all firearms are prohibited. The areas will be open on a walk-in or boat-in only basis. No motorized vehicles will be allowed within the gated area. Only portable stands/blinds are acceptable and must be removed from public land after the season.

Dove hunting at the Hartwell Dam and Quarry Hunting Area and the South Carolina River Hunting area is closed for the 2013-2014 season. The fields were not planted this year.

All public lands and waters around Hartwell Lake are open to hunting in accordance with Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations and Georgia and South Carolina hunting regulations. Hunting is prohibited in all recreation areas, campgrounds and boat ramps unless listed above. The islands in Hartwell Lake are open for hunting in accordance with state hunting regulations and seasons. Due to safety concerns, big game hunters are encouraged to use archery equipment while hunting on the islands.

Feral Hog hunting is allowed on Hartwell Project lands all year long. A letter permit is required when hunting hogs outside of the state deer season on all Hartwell Project property. The use of dogs is only allowed outside of the state deer and turkey season. The use of long rifles is not allowed.

Some Corps property is included in state Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s). Corps property included within state Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s) must follow state regulations for the specific WMA.

For additional information & permits, contact Park Ranger Jess Fleming at the Hartwell Lake Project Office toll free at 1-888-893-0678, ext. 335, or 706-856-0335.

Tracy Robillard, Public Affairs Specialist, 912-652-5450
Billy Birdwell, Public Affairs Officer 912-652-5014
After hours: 912-677-6039