cwp renewal problems @ SLED

gunWe get a lot of e-mails like this one. Below is my answer.

Mr. Senator: I’m writing about the amount of time it takes SLED to renew a CWP (concealed weapon permit). I electronically sent my renewal information and fees to SLED seven weeks ago. The state immediately debited my bank account, and as yet, I’ve heard nothing from SLED regarding my renewal. My current permit expired ten days ago, and at this point, I cannot legally protect myself or my family away from home. One would think an electronic renewal could be completed in over two months. I know you’re busy with more important things in the State, but this is something that can effect the safety of many South Carolina residents. Thank you.
John Q. Citizen


Mr/Mrs/Ms. Citizen, this year’s budget contains a temporary law that prohibits SLED from revoking an expired cwp license if the holder applied for a renewal on time. In other words, if it is the agency’s fault (in this case it most definitely is), your license will not expire. This temporary law is simply a bandaid on a much larger problem we have with an inefficient agency. I’ve had numerous constituents having the same cwp renewal issues as yourself.

I would continue to protect yourself with your concealed weapon, however, it would be a good idea to carry a printout of your renewal with your cwp.

On a side note, I support legislation making the cwp optional. Why on earth should you need government’s permission to fulfill a right acknowledged in the 2nd amendment of the United State’s Constitution?

Have a good day.