s.3360 heaping debt and trampling on your rights

debtAs I’ve said on numerous occasions, there is no desire to reign in the fiscal insanity in Columbia. This year your government has heaped $720 million ($120m incentives, $500m roads) on your children, even though we proved we had the money on hand during the budget debate.

S. 3360 is a bill that commits millions every year to our state’s crumbling roads and dilapidated bridges. That’s good, however, the bill also enables the borrowing of another $500 million.

Another unoticed problem with s.3360 is this language:

it’s in section 3

The department may transfer from the state highway secondary system any road under its jurisdiction, determined by the department to be of low traffic importance, to one of the parties indicated in this section if mutual consent is reached between the department and the party that the road is being transferred to:

(a) a county or municipality; (b) a school; (c) a governmental agency; (d) a nongovernmental entity; or (e) a person.

A person? Really? So, this department could condemn a piece of property, paying nickels on the dollar, then give it to a person. Hello, remember Kelo v. New London, Connecticut?

Recent events warrant the paranoia of abuses of individual liberty by government.

Also, s.3360 is an appropriations bill, these lines could’ve received a line item veto, salvaging the good portions of this legislation.