budget: Obamagarten

babystepsThe South Carolina General Assembly is promoting the Obama policy of “cradle to the grave” government with a step towards universal 4K. Here’s what our friends over at the “Voice for School Choice” have to say:

It doesn’t take a lot of listening to the South Carolina General Assembly to know that most Republican lawmakers aren’t lining up to voice support for the Obama Administration. After all, South Carolina is a conservative state, right?

Some GOP lawmakers are moving forward with an agenda that should make voters wonder whether “conservative” will remain as an accurate description for the state. That agenda is taxpayer funding to implement Obama’s universal early-childhood education plan, a version of which is moving forward in the state budget process.

You should be concerned. Very concerned. Under the guise of “making high quality pre-school available to every child,” left-wing social engineers and pandering politicians are partnering to foist another controlling, costly and failed policy on taxpayers in South Carolina.

We feel confident backing up the description of “controlling, costly and failed.” After all, we are talking about a program championed by the good folks at the NEA to enforce government education of all children as quickly as they can get their hands on them. Specifically, the National Education Association stated in their 2013 Resolutions, that “the Association supports early childhood education programs in the public schools for children from birth through age eight,” and “mandatory kindergarten with compulsory attendance.” Read on