rinocrat Senate: gas tax coming

gas.taxThursday 05.02.2013, a gas tax proposal passed the Senate Finance Committee (SFC). The proposal is to tie the gas tax to inflation and its proponents argue that this is not a tax hike. However, your taxes will go up. Some are also claiming this isn’t a tax at all, it is user fee.

Listen, y’all know I opposed raising taxes. I also find it very interesting that when YOU pay more taxes next year than YOU did this year, It’s a tax increase plain and simple.

This is what I meant as I was quoted in last weeks Real Clear Politics Article:

“We have a pretty significant R.I.N.O. problem in South Carolina — folks that are elected go to constituents and talk about how conservative they are, and then when it’s time to vote, they hold hands with Democrats and vote for more government and tax increases. Maybe Sen. Paul and Sen. Cruz will rub off when they’re both down here. I hope so.”

The article was in reference to upcoming visits by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky). Both these Senators found defending our civil liberties on drone usage was a better use of their time than wining and dining with President Obama a few weeks ago. I’m hoping their visit can rub off on the legislature.

This bill has 3 major obnoxious components:
1-It make the gas tax proportional to inflation. So when your bread, milk, and eggs increase in cost, your gas tax goes up. How in the world are we going to climb out of this stagnant economy?
2-It ties local road funding to tax increases. That’s right, it rewards local governments that choose to smother their constituents tax hikes. If they do, it get’s more funding.
3-It hefts $1.4 billion of new debt on future generations. Unfunded liabilities on the Federal level are hovering near $122 trillion, and little ole SC is at $32 billion. Evidently, that’s not enough debt for some of my colleagues.