School Choice test vote barely fails

schoolchoice1S.250 exempts public schools from having to report to the Secretary of State as a charitable organization. There is adequate oversight on publics schools’ fundraising activity, so I support this bill. As you may know, I’ve tried to offer amendments on several related bills to get an up or down vote on school choice. Previously, all these amendments have been ruled out-of-order under the germane rules.

I was successful in drafting a germane amendment, that doesn’t really do anything, but did give us a test vote on choice.

The amendment was successfully tabled, by a 22-20 vote.

This is a tabling motion, so the ayes are against the amendment and the nays are in favor of it.
AYES – 22 Alexander, Thomas C.; Allen, Karl B.; Coleman, Creighton B.; Courson, John E.; Hayes, Robert W., Jr.; Hutto, C. Bradley; Johnson, Kevin L.; Lourie, Joel; Malloy, Gerald; Martin, Larry A.; Matthews, John W., Jr.; McElveen, J. Thomas, III; McGill, J. Yancey; Nicholson, Floyd; O’Dell, William H.; Pinckney, Clementa C.; Rankin, Luke A.; Reese, Glenn G.; Scott, John L., Jr.; Setzler, Nikki G.; Sheheen, Vincent A.; Williams, Kent M.
NAYS – 20 Bennett, Sean; Bright, Lee; Bryant, Kevin L.; Campsen, George E., III; Cleary, Raymond E., III; Corbin, Thomas D.; Cromer, Ronnie W.; Davis, Tom; Fair, Michael L.; Ford, Robert; Gregory, Chauncey K.; Hembree, Greg; Martin, Shane R.; Massey, A. Shane; Peeler, Harvey S., Jr.; Shealy, Katrina Frye; Thurmond, Paul; Turner, Ross; Verdin, Daniel B., III; Young, Tom, Jr.
EXCUSED ABSENCE – Campbell, Paul G., Jr.; Grooms, Lawrence K.
NOT VOTING – Jackon, Darrell; Leatherman, Hugh

The amendment added “scholarship granting organizations whose contributors receive tax credits” to be exempt from the charitable registrations. We do not have tax credits for sgo contributions, but when we do, these sgo’s will be highly overseen by the department of revenue.

Considering the voting history of members not voting, we are very close to success.