Powdersville project: Autumn Hill Apartments

constructionThere is a lot of anxiety regarding a proposed apartment development (Autumn Hill Apartments) at the intersection of Enterprise Drive and Cooper Lane in Powdersville. Currently, we know the property is under contract with a company in Mt. Pleasant (Autumn Hill Apartments, LLC). There is a pending application with the South Carolina Housing and Development Authority. Here is the application. As you know, I oppose most special interest tax credits, as I did this one.

Some in the community are concerned that the project will be a low-income federally funded project that will introduce an undesirable element into the community that will have a negative impact on law enforcement, their schools, medical facilities, etc. They fear that the project will move forward without being properly vetted.

In that regard, I have respectfully encouraged Anderson County to become more involved with the project and assure the community that they will guide the development, if it happens at all. In addition, assure the community that there will be more public meetings and that their input in valuable. The most successful public projects come from engaging the residents.

I’m suspecting the developer will receive federal tax credits. I have passed the information along to Congressman Duncan’s office and was assured that the congressman also opposes such central planning.