sc house defeats Ocare

House Defeats Efforts to Opt-into Obamacare Expansion
House rejects spending billions to expand broken system

(Columbia, SC) – As the full House debated the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) section of the state budget today, amendments were offered to opt South Carolina into Obamacare’s massive new Medicaid expansion. Each attempt to force our state into implementing this Obamacare expansion was defeated by wide margins.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell issued the following statement about the House’s strong stance against Obamacare Expansion:

“If more money and more government produced healthier citizens, Americans should be the healthiest population on the planet – but we’re not. The current system is clearly broken but instead of trying to fix this broken system, Obamacare simply makes it bigger.

“Unlike the unsustainable new spending of Obamacare, we have proposed real solutions that use existing resources to target more effective health options that will actually improve the health of our citizens.

“We knew the HHS section of the budget is where Obamacare supporters would make the strongest push to opt-in and we stood strong against this multi-billion dollar expansion.”