h.3731 nanny government (literally)

zNAcxIETZAECblD-556x313-noPadAnother fight for freedoms; SC Lay Midwife Act Sign the petition here!

The ‘South Carolina Lay Midwife Act’ was recently introduced into the House and would require licensed midwives in the State of South Carolina to be sponsored and regulated by and obstetrician. It is a conflict of interest to allow obstetricians to determine the professional fate of those who offer the only alternative to their own practice. It will deny mother’s the rights and freedoms they currently have to make informed decisions about where and how to bring their children into this world.

This bill also demands that mothers to pay for an obstetrician whether they want one or not. It discredits the competence of licensed midwives and casts them as amateurs who need guidance and supervision. It fails to recognize the fact that SC midwives are indeed trained, certified and licensed professionals and midwifery has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.

The House bill, ‘South Carolina Lay Midwife Act’, if passed, will deny the families of this state the right to make informed decisions about how and where they choose to bring their children into this world. It would not only create a medical monopoly for obstetricians but also deny the skilled professionals of the midwifery community of their ability to provide quality alternative care.