h. 3478: assault on home schoolers

home schoolH. 3478 forces regulation on home schoolers. H. 3478 requires home schoolers to take standardized tests given by local school districts.

H. 3478 prohibits the “third option” which is the ability of parents to home school by a membership with a local organization.

Even worse, the district will charge a fee for the testing. We spend over $12,000 per student per year in public education. So far, all efforts for tax credits and deductions have failed, so if a child is homeschooled for 12 grades, this family just saved the SC taxpayers $144,000. Yet some think we need to charge them a fee for the test?

The Stalinists don’t stop. The Department of Education must provide the General Assembly a yearly report with these results. The legislation states not the numbers, but names of the home school students shall be included in the report.

This offensive piece of legislation smacks in the face the liberty and freedom. These families are doing an outstanding job without government intervention. A recent study by the Home School Legal Defense Association found that home schooled kids rank above the 80th percentile in all education categories.

A few years ago, SC announced that we’d call March home school month. Now while we continue to kick home school kids in the teeth, does it make you fell better that we have a home school month? Here’s what I had to say about that: