sub committee stuff (Kelsey Farnham)

2.6.13 Higher Education Committee
CFO of USC, Ed Walton
​Main Discussion: When looking at future projects at the university, two main costs are ​calculated.
​​Renewal Costs (which include Deferred Maintenance) and Improvement Costs. When an ​​old building is gutted, and renovated, it depletes the deferred maintenance costs and ​​​enables use for the next 40 years or lifetime of that building.
​Minor topic- considering charging for more parking on campus as a new source of income. Cutting spending? Colleges are always broke and always building.
2.6.13 LCI Sub Committee
Erica Von Nesson
​Removing staff people from DEW offices statewide based on a lower workload in some areas. ​Unemployment rate is down, and less staff is needed. Estimated 2 million dollars will be saved.
​90% of claims made online, therefore not as many staff needed in offices.
​follow ups on claimants are being done, but they are in the process of working on a more ​consistent way to ensure claimants are job searching. We’re awaiting a response as to why SC is the 4th worst in the US in fraudulent claims. Another bad list we are at the top!
2.7.13 LCI
Bob White & Jeff Griffen (representing contractors)
​ not in favor of raising bonding capacity without raising networth. ex. “can’t buy a house ​without ​equity”
S.75 (Real estate license bill)
​Proposed $12.50 increase in the real estate license fee to cover SLED and FBI background ​checks. However, the LLR regulates title 40, and have opposed fee increases.
​Recommendation: Instead of significantly increasing the number of real estate investigators, ​increase training for current real estate investigators instead of increasing numbers.
Music Therapy Licenses
​Concern: Too many people are practicing in the field that are not certified or trained. It is ​potentially harmful for psychiatric patients as well as nicu babies. Plan to research whether reimbursements are given from insurance agencies or if they would ​need a license to reimburse. I have a tremendous amount of respect for music therapy, I made the point that it is even Biblical, however, is it the role of government to license and regulate music therapy? Is the free market not capable of regulating this industry with consumers supporting good therapists? I think so.