dew doesn’t care

20130207-190041.jpgThanks to the Obama administration’s Department of Labor (usdol) we have some interesting statistsics on the mismangement of resources at the SC Department of Employment and Workforce (dew).

A private vendor approached dew recently and performed a sample audit for fraudulent claims. They found unemployment benefits going to incarcerated inmates, children, non matched ssn’s, and out of state residents. The firm then approached dew to sell their services for a full audit of all the books. Simple right? The cost of the audit would be pennies on the dollar for the potential savings. Not at dew. The answer was “we’re not interested”. Thanks but no thanks. This firm then offered another free sample audit. Dew’s response: not interested, we have our own internal auditors for fraud that’s got us ranked 4th in the country for fraudulent claims. Here’s a great way for SC to be at the top of another bad list. Take a look at the United States Department of Labor’ own assessment of SC dew:

So $54 million in fraudulent claims in 2012, geeze, how can our employers keep footing the bill for this, it is their money remember! How can our employers afford to hire more workers when dew keeps spending their money on fraudulent claims?