election law, S.2, as Passed by the Senate

S.2, as Passed by the Senate

• Filing period remains the same (March 16th – 30th)
• Candidate files Statement of Intention of Candidacy and party pledge, and submits any filing fee, with the appropriate election commission (State Commission for statewide, congressional or district office with more than 1 county; local county election commission for all other offices, including House & Senate). Political party officials can designate someone to observe the filing at the election commission.
• Election commission forwards all Statement of Intention of Candidacy to appropriate party executive committee within 2 days after filing closes.
• Filing date for Statement of Economic Interests is noon on March 30th, unless otherwise provided for candidates that file after March 30th.
 Petition candidates: 15 days after submitting petition
 Write-in candidate: 24 hours after filing initial campaign finance report or before taking office, whichever is earlier
• Failure to timely file Statement of Economic Interests would result in a civil fine (Current Section 8-13-1510).
• Despite filing deadlines, a candidate who fails to file a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) must be fined but the candidate remains on the ballot. However, the SEI must be filed before election day or else not take office if elected.
• Education provisions:
 State Election Commission would notify each county election commission of the provisions in the bill, post the provisions on its website;
 State party executive committee would notify county executive parties of the provisions of this bill.