2012.01.22 sub committees

1/22/13 2:30pm Higher Ed Sub-Committee
•Surveys from all 33 Institutions have been received regarding tuition playing in to capitol and state maintenance.
•CHE agreed to facilitate a regional and national survey that is much shorter and more specific regarding state maintenance. The following was addressed; what it is and is not, what is deferred maintenance, and where to the funds come from to support it, how is tuition effected?
•They hope to bring institutions in to testify during meetings.
3 institutions per 90 min. meeting, may need committee members to contact institutions to get more to come

1/22/13 3:00pm Property Tax Sub-Committee
S.118 Allows refund of pre-paid property tax. Passed.
•Corresponds to, but separate from S.7

1/22/13 4:00pm DOR Breach Sub-Committee
Scott Shealy – 15 Years with DOR, IT Security & Infrastructure, one employee
◦too much liberality in outsourcing of DOR projects and functions
◦# of people with access to data is unknown due to 2nd party outsourcing
◦we were potentially an easy target due to liberality of outsourcing

•After departure of Scott, responsibilities of IT security and infrastructure were delegated to people not adequately prepared to take on roles.
•70K self-encrypting management system was purchased and never installed (2010)
•All regulations were met by IRS, and Nacio in one way or another
•IT Budget- bad prioritization and analysis of risk