sc club for growth 100%…again…yawn

club_for_growth_398Since my first election in 2004, I’ve been honored to get the highest grade in the legislature every single time the Club for Growth scores the legislative. Here’s another 100. This is about as common as Alabama winning national titles. Even though I’m a dawg fan, I’m impressed with Nick Saban’s extreme commitment to the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.

What’s the secret to the Club’s high score? It’s simple and fundamental. Look carefully at every bill and amendment and ask this question. How does this benefit the taxpayer and promote free market principles? Here’s a link to the Club’s Senate Scorecard.

South Carolina Club for Growth Releases 2011-12 Legislative Scorecards

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth Foundation released its 2012 Legislative Scorecards, awarding its “Taxpayer Hero” award to four Senators and five Representatives based on their voting records since January 2011.

Scorecard ratings (here) are based on a wide range of economic and good government issues, with a maximum 100 points possible. Votes are assigned a value based on their relative importance. This year’s scorecard is made up of 19 Senate and 28 House roll call votes. Legislators with a score of “A” or “B+” earned the title of “Taxpayer Hero,” while those with a “D” or “F” earned the title of “Taxpayer Nightmare.”

Club Chairman Dave Ellison said, “Every year these scorecards give South Carolinians an accurate picture of how their legislators approach tax dollars and efficient government. Hardworking citizens do not have the time to always watch everything at the capitol, and rely on their legislators for information. Sadly what is said on the campaign trail is not always what happens in Columbia, making scorecards a valuable resource.

The votes on these scorecards were selected from the almost 3,000 votes taken since January 2011, and provide a snapshot of how legislators voted on crucial legislation affects how government is run, and how South Carolinians live and work.”

A pro-growth vote received the maximum number of points, while a vote against the pro-growth position received no points. In certain circumstances, points were deducted from legislators for changing or walking out on a vote. If a legislator went on record as abstaining from a vote – due to a conflict of interest – that vote was not factored into their total score.

2012 Fast Facts

Senate: -The average Republican score was 53.8.0, -The average Democrat score was 11.89, -The average SC Club for Growth PAC endorsed Sscore was 90.00
Taxpayer Heroes in the Senate: Lee Bright, Kevin Bryant, Tom Davis, Mike Rose

House of Representatives: -The average Republican score was 59.47, -The average Democrat score was 8.81, -The average SC Club for Growth PAC endorsed score was 73.00
Taxpayer Heroes in the House: Ralph Norman, Edward Southard, Josh Putnam, Tom Young, Kevin Ryan