more info on the dept. of revenue breach

If you call this number, 1-866-578-5422, you’ll get a message with this code:


You can enter the code and sign up for the identity protection service at (If you decide you wish to sign up, you don’t need to make the phone call.)

Or, you can stay on hold (I’m told up to 40 minutes) and someone will assist you on the phone.

If you decide to sign up online, however, you’ll be required to enter your address, date of birth, and social security number. Let’s only hope this is secure.

At this point, I can’t endorse this unsystematic solution until I get more information. I did, however, sign up myself for protection.

I’ve more questions than answers to the nearly 4 million South Carolinians whose private information may have been breached. As far as the solution to the problem, since the South Carolina Department of Revenue allowed this invasion to take place, why can’t we call each taxpayer affected? Why force the victims to take additional steps? Why inform the public on a late Friday afternoon, then knock off for the weekend? I understand they’ve had warnings since August.

I’ll keep this website up to date as I learn more information.