Veto votes

I voted to sustain all but 2 line item vetoes in this year’s budget and all of the line item vetoes in the capital reserve spending. Here are links to Governor Haley’s Budget veto messages and Capital Reserve Fund veto messages

veto 7 – I voted to over-ride. Pay raise for teachers – People need to realize that teachers would get these raises regardless of this veto. If the veto were sustained, the raises would be funded at the local level. Gov. Haley vetoed this line because teachers were awarded a pay raise with one time money. I don’t agree with this reason, and certainly agree that our teachers deserve a pay raise. Next year the local school districts will need to fund this raise. One of the school districts I represent spent $347,000 renovating their board room complete with an 80 inch flat screen tv. I’m sure funding a pay increase won’t be a problem.

veto 67 – I voted to over-ride. This line uses funds from the National Mortgage settlement to increase the Commerce Department’s closing fund. When folks sign the dotted line to a bank on a mortgage and they can’t make the payments, is it government’s role to help them make these payments or is it better to help them find jobs? I sympathize with those out of work and have found themselves in this situation. However, the closing fund for Commerce will be used to recruit job creators to SC. It is better to cultivate pro-business soil conditions to reduce our unemployment roles.

The vetoes below are ones that several constituents contacted me about:

veto 1 – I voted to sustain. I agree with the Governor in that a commission should not skim 30% off the top for administration. Also, many people voluntarily support the arts organizations with their own money. Arts are a necessity for society, but funding is beyond the core function of government.

veto 50-55 – I voted to sustain. All of these lines were vetoed with a collective message. These non-profit organizations serve a worthy purpose, but they broaden the mission of the Department of Health and Environmental Control. Also, these groups represent a small portion of South Carolina’s chronically ill or abused. The victims of sexual assault, kidney disease, hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia are served by non-profit organizations. I supported the Governor on these vetoes, yet have reached out to our local organizations to see if I will support their funding next year. I will also explore the possibilities of funding these needs through a more appropriate agency such as Health and Human Services and/or Disabilities and Special Needs. Also, child protective services and law enforcement have been unfunded for too long.

As always, y’all are welcome to comment on any of these or vetoes ones I have not included.