message from Barundi

Whitney is a young lady from Anderson serving missions in Barundi for the summer.
Hello from Burundi!
This week I have spent most mornings at the discovery school. The kids are having exams this week so me and Makenzie (a girl who I’m sharing a room with who is also volunteering) planned crafts for the kids who finished their exams. In the afternoons I have been helping with the family and doing some computer work for the school.

This weekend we went upcountry. It was so nice to get out of the city and enjoy the cool mountain air. We visited some waterfalls and a beautiful ravine. God has created some amazing things here in Burundi.
He has also created some amazing people here. I have been so blessed by the Johnsons and the Burundian teachers. I am learning that I am not a “super hero” who has come to save Burundi. God is doing amazing
things here which I am blessed to be a part of for a short time!

Please pray for Joy Johnson who I am staying with. She has bronchitis and needs to be feeling better next week because there is a team coming to work at the school.

Thanks for all your prayers, Whitney

I uploaded some pictures on my blog