election day, few votes, many petitions to sign!

Dear Friends,
On the eve of Election Day, I want to say thanks for the opportunity to serve you in the General Assembly. If I am blessed with re-election tomorrow, I will continue to fight hard for our conservative values. I look forward to that opportunity.

As this ballot fiasco affected most races in Anderson County, it did not affect our race, the Republican Primary for SC Senate District 3. However, if re-elected, I am committed rectifying the recent injustice done to so many people who tried to run for office in this election. It is unfair to the voters who wanted a true choice on their ballot.

Immediately after the first court’s blow to free elections, I sponsored this bill on May 5th as a remedy, unfortunately it failed.

I also introduced a bill that would eliminate straight ticket voting to take away the advantage partisan candidates have over petition and write in candidates. This bill never got a hearing. Obviously, the legislature is more interested in protecting its own, than being accountable to the voters.

The court rulings thus far have disenfranchised several hundred candidates and millions of South Carolina voters. It’s been a bi-partisan effort. Democrats have been behind some of the lawsuits and a few “Republican” lawmakers have used the courts to protect their positions of power. It is hard enough to fight the liberals in Columbia, but when so-called “Republicans” and their minions conspire to keep conservatives off of the ballot, then change becomes more difficult.

I have encouraged all candidates to pursue a petition campaign. Tuesday’s primary is an excellent opportunity to collect signatures to place a candidate on the ballot for November’s election. A petition candidacy is much more effective than write-in campaigns.

A collection of volunteers will be assigned at many precincts to ask the voters to sign. I would even urge you to sign these petition(s) even if you don’t support the particular candidate. Whatever your political philosophy may be, we all agree that free elections are not possible when candidacies are denied over simple technicalities.

Again, thank you for your support. We’ll be having an election party Tuesday night at the Corner Bagel Shop on Greenville Street at 7:30pm as we collect the results. We’d love to have you.